Spiritual growth verses Self help/personal growth

There is no division between mind and action. Before it is projected as action, it arises in the mind, with the mind itself as its ‘covering’. Action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciousness, and it bears its own fruit. When action comes to an end, mind too comes to an end; and when mind ceases to be, there is no action. Then there is no re-action only action oriented mind.

Space is of three levels. There is the infinite space of undivided consciousness, the finite space of divided consciousness, and the physical space in which the material world exists. The infinite space of undivided consciousness is that which exists in all, inside and outside as the pure witness of that which is real and that which appears to be. The finite space of divided consciousness is that in which creates the divisions of time that pervades all beings. The physical space is that in which the pancha maha bhuta (elements like air, fire, etc) exist.

Every embodied (meaning on this material realm) soul must have an Identity. This identity at a higher level is finer and subtler. The subtler the identity, the more powerful a man will be in life. Identity remains until that identity merges into common Identity, which later serves for the cause of the next creation. Thus it is only individuality that ends not the Identity. Thus, Identity is intuitive perception of segregated conscience, the individuality. It is so because of the dormant action at the center where the difference between being and nonbeing is very nominal. In this spiritual state, negation is the indicator of a balanced condition of mental conscience; the positive and negative currents of mind/psych negate each other and one feels living/dead to the day to day, action/reaction phenomenal life. Everything becomes silent, and meaningless, even the desire to attain the liberation. An expressible psychic-fullness and contentment is experienced indicating the arrival to this place. For yogis, mind alone is the cause of perception of forms without the interception aid of eyes which is a normal physiological feature in worldly oriented persons. The mind is strengthened by meditation, its purity is insured by eliminating the tendencies called ‘vasanas’.

Vasana (subconscious inclination; conditioning, tendencies, or self-limitations; predispositions and habits) is from vas (living, remaining). They are subliminal inclinations and habit patterns which, as driving forces, color and motivate one’s attitudes and future actions. Vasana are the conglomerate results of samskara (subconscious impressions) created through experience. Samskara, experiential impressions, combine in the subconscious to form those vasana, which contribute to mental fluctuations, called vritti. The most complex and emotionally charged vasanas are found in the sub-subconscious.





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