The story of Rama and Surpanakha in the Ramayana

The story of Rama and Surpanakha in the Ramayana was a story of love unrequited; She would walk through fire for him but he did not even know she existed.

Surpanakha met Rama during his exile in the Dandaka forest Where he was living with his wife as if they were Ayodhya’s poorest. Surpanakha knew that it was bad luck to fall in love with a human being but she could not believe what her heart was feeling and her eyes were seeing. The rakshasi Surpanakha fell in love with Rama’s beauty; She would do anything to make him love her, she made that her duty. To conquer Rama’s heart she disguised herself as a beautiful lady but he could tell right away that she was not honest but rather shady. The power of maya may have hidden Surpanakha’s pot belly and crossed eyes but not even this illusion could put the ugliness of her soul in disguise. She proposed marriage to Rama who was already taken but she hoped he would choose her and let Sita be forsaken.

Surpanakha asked Rama why he would not start with her a new life; He replied, “Because my heart is taken and it belongs to my wife.” To attack Sita due to jealousy Surpanakha came really close but Lakshmana jumped in and chopped off her nose. After all the pain and degradation she was still a demoness in love; That’s the thing about love, there is no switch to turn it on and turn it off. With tears running down her noseless face to Lanka ran Surpanakha to tell her brother Ravana what had happened in the forest of Dandaka. Her humiliation and jealousy led her to develop a wicked plan: She told Ravana, “Go kidnap Sita because if I can’t have Rama then no one can.” I cannot help but to feel sorry for Surpanakha sometimes. After all, it was her passionate love for Rama that inspired her to these crimes. Her biggest mistake was to love Rama like no one would ever love her but was this a good reason for Rama to make her suffer? As an ugly and cruel demoness to Surpanakha we can refer but I wonder, was it because of looks that Rama did prefer Sita?

The story of Rama and Surpanakha showed us that love has two faces: A love that one gives and the other rejects and a love that one gives and the other embraces.


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