Difference between Real Yoga and Western Exercise Theory

Difference between Real Yoga and Western Exercise Theory

Action Yoga Western Exercise Theory
Heart Rate Decreases Increases
Respiration Decreases Increases
Blood Pressure Decreases Increases
Oxygen Consumption Decreases Increases
Metabolic Rate Decreases Increases
Body Temperature Decreases Increases
Calorie Consumption Muscles receive less nutrition and Organs receive more Organs receive less nutrition and Muscles receive more
Food Consumption Much Less More
Effect on Nervous System Stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous System (relaxation) Stimulates Sympathetic Nervous System (stress)
Effect on Mental State (mind) Sattvic (creates Peace) Rajasic (creates more activity of the mind and stress)
Muscular Recruitment Long fiber of muscles are created and the muscles do not bulk Large muscles with short fibers are enhanced and require more nutrients
Effect on Tissues Creates supple muscle tissue Created dense muscle tissue
Effect on Joints Creates health of Joints Joints are stressed leading to rheumatic diseases and stiffness in later life
Systems Focused Upon All Systems/Full Body Harmonized Thru Nervous System and Glandular System Muscular/Cardiovascular
Focus Internal External
Focus Spirituality Performance, and Achievement

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