Science and energy

Modern science knows of energy as material physical energy, can be physically measured… light, magnet, sound etc. It is now thought to be nothing but converted matter. Non-material energy cannot be measured yet. Our consciousness, Brahman, Chitta… these are still energy but cannot be measured by present day science. Development of future technologies may be able to measure this. We know that the entire creation of Brahman is a creation of consciousness… consciousness has created everything. That is non-physical energy. Maybe there are ways to convert that energy, the chakras and nadis are the way in which we convert that eternal, subtle, divine energy into physical energy… But really presenting whole idea in terms of modern science cannot be done now. Or maybe I should say that modern scientific limitations do not allow these to be presented by it’s paradigm which continually changes to its new discoveries and turns a blind eye to other paradigm’s that do not fit its own. It has great limitations. Some say modern science is a myth-making machine. Many truths are made into myths because cannot be proved by modern science because it doesn’t understand them. Non-physical energy is even more subtle. Prana is biological energy. The movement of the heart is a physical energy. The energy of the heart that moves it is physical energy. The Kundalini is even MORE subtle.

In Yoga Vashishta it speaks of this energy as a ripple, as a static energy that can’t be put into words. But that is an occurrence, which science would say has a cause. What is that cause if not physical? How is modern science ever going to be able to prove of anything non physical? I think we have seen this folly in the search for the god particle and its results with Higgs Boson.

The subtle nonphysical energy is even more subtle than that. For example the topic of prayer where experiment was on two separate patients with hemolysis of blood. One treated with conventional medicine, one doing conventional + prayer. Those receiving prayer sometimes from family member, some from priest. Those for whom prayer was done recovered, those done by the mother healed even faster. How did this prayer effect a change? The healing process occurs through nonphysical energy, science might say the mother is throwing a thought or something, that thought is quantum energy which then affects change. Brahman or creator of whole universe is energy and that happens on an even more subtle level. The hierarchy (yes, there is a hierarchy in the entire thing and much more than just this) of energy is nonphysical -> subtle – > gross/physical. The gross energy cannot create life, cannot create the whole universe. That phenomenon, called god or energy, is what needs to be studied. Not molecules, atoms, quarks, etc……



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