The Process and Factors of Digestion part 2

Indriya – Fundamental Causative Factors

* Warm milk and ghee together act as a mild laxative.

Madhava Nidanam/Madhava Nidana by Madhava Kara – when we look at Ayurvedic pathology or Vikruti Vijnanam this is the best book for it – best one to understand pathogenesis of diseases. Very precise and systematic approach to disease, symptoms etc. Disease mechanics etc.

Story about Madhava Nidana – it’s the best book for pathology, for surgery Sushruta, Charaka for chikitsa (treatment). Charaka Samhita has chikitsa in the most explicit way. Vaghabata was an acharya (teacher) after Sushruta and Charaka, and combined the two of them. The shlokas in the Ashtanga Hridyam are easiest to learn so good for beginners. They are poetry and sing songie so they are easy to memorize, that is if you understand sanskrit.

Madhava Kara was a vaidya who was doing meditation and sadhana for a long long time, and he was expecting something out of it. Some knowledge, divine understanding, something. Then he got frustrated and went to his guru and said “I’m not achieving anything here, not getting anything out of it”. The guru said “because of your meditation you have cleansed all the sins of your past life. Now start doing sadhana again.” Then he started again and years later was able to write the book.

Charaka walked a lot (traveled) and treated many patients. Sushruta was considered to be the best surgeon in history and is considered the father of modern surgery. Many different stories about all of them – history of ayurveda would be a good area to study if you have interest in this.


Grahanendriya – nose/sense of smell. Any offensive or strong smell will lead to certain kinds of diseases. Even incense stick can trigger sneezing – for their body specifically it may be atiyoga. Any kind of smell that has some effect on Prithvi mahabhuta (earth element) which is disturbed – could be to much agni of prithvi and Pitta. Vitiated Pitta can make a body more sensitive to smells. If person has rhinitis, will lead to kapha


When Vata is WAY increased a little extra amount of Vata can cause a disease state. Same for Pitta. Same for Kapha. Ex. If kapha is aggravated, and you have a little bit of yogurt, may get a cold the next day, add cold and kleda forming and wet, throws you over the edge of disease, the pail overflows.

Atiyoga of grahanendriya – body reacts with nausea or vomiting. Either due to an unpleasant or excessive smell. Hinayoga – can’t smell, or too much kapha in nose could lead to not being able to smell (chronic rhinitis, anosmia), strokes that can affect the grahanendriya. Mithyayoga – in relation to poisonous gasses or hazardous to person – chemicals, vapors.

Pradnyaparadha – Pradnya (jna=dnya) = dhi/intelligence – discernment/discrimination/ability to tell right from wrong – is hing or black pepper good for me? Dhee will decide. + dhriti/willpower/commitment/discipline to do what you have decided is right + smruti/memory/ability to remember that you have made the decision and why. When dhi is not working properly, one can not understand whether thing is good for you or not. Ex. Alcohol, could be used as a diuretic to flush out kidney stones and that is a wrong manner of thought. Assuming bad things are good for them. When dhriti, is doing it even though you know its wrong – not honoring your commitment to not do that. When smriti, if you forget about the things that are bad for the body. When one or all of these parts fall out of alignment, then this is Pradnyaparadha. If one of them is not functioning (bad memory), can cause malfunctioning and can do stupid stuff and experience pradnyaparadha. It is much worse karma than doing something without knowledge at all.

Karma has already been written, just study jyotisha for a while and t becomes quite obvious. If you stick with beneficial things, bad things won’t happen in this life or the next. Karma can be a determinant in some diseases, but with right action you can greatly reduce the symptoms. There is not a cure of every disease for every person – everything is within the destiny.

Genetic predisposition
Modern medicine looks at it from a different perspective than Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, good lifestyle and intake changes the genetic code, everything is mutable. Hereditary diseases we say, but diabetes is growing everywhere due to sedentary lifestyle with over-nutritious food, not expending the energy, the body is getting overstuffed, clogged. That leads to obesity and then diabetes – whether we call it hereditary or not, its both determined by lifestyle. If your father has a certain lifestyle, the child will share the same eating habits (kledaka aahara – kleda promoting food like yogurt) and therefore will share the same results in the body. There are always certain causative factors that are involved.

Karma determines everything. God is like our parents, in some kinds of situations we are exposed to bad (perspective wise, actually it is just karma. We put the label bad or good) things. For some people that have planets may be exposed to more negative situations than someone that has great karma, but we always have the option to choose rightly. Guru is something that helps you to hold these factors dhi, dhruti and smriti together – guru as specific teacher, or god, or books. Tatatra – guru of everyone – Shiva, Vishnu, Brahman – all together. One thinking they are their own guru is left with only avidya. Higher knowledge has to come from somewhere. It is a very “cool” thing in the West to believe that one is immortal and special. In my experience, these are the most out of body and out of health people by Ayurvedic diagnosis.

When we study ayurveda we gain wisdom to know what the right and wrong is. Beneficial or non beneficial to human life. Either good knowledge or good experience will keep you away from disease. For dhi, dhruti and smriti to work, we should keep our eyes open. No possible way to know everything – we only have a very small life. We cannot understand everything in one life, but we try.

Upashaya – an accessory diagnostic tool, something that benefits you.

Anupashaya – something that worsens something.

Parinam – Effects
Death will happen, is going to happen, to every one of us. It is what defines a life. Paranam of time – after a certain amount of time we will die without causative factor (well not really in this day and age anymore). In the same way, we know seasons are changing, levels of dosha will drop or increase. Body will suffer regardless due to these changes. That is known as Paranam.



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