Causative factors of srotasdushti

Causative factors of srotasdushti

Pranavaha srotas – abhyenta prana, bhaya prana/food: panchabhautika ahara containing all 5 elements. The energy which helps to take in oxygen from outside is abhyenta prana.

Sushruta talks about different srotas – 11 srotas and then when goes down to

Dushta Hetu
Causative factors of pranavaha dushti – if organs included in the srotas are harmed, then that will affect the work that the pranavaha srotas does. If pranavaha srotas
Dusthi Hetu
1. Kshayata
2. Sandavanata
3. Rukshyata – dryness – kapha lining around all organs.

Any organ that has movement needs oil to move it to carry out the movement properly. If there is rukshyata/dryness, the lining is reduced. Ruksha being the vata guna, will increase vata in the body. Since there is no lining, vata is increased and organs have to work more. If there isn’t any oil to help the organ move more easily, will take more energy to carry out same movement and that will overuse and cause weakness. If you know the anatomy for any organ, the organ is the organ + the fluid around it. The other organ beside it has its own lining. Like a ball bearing that isn’t lubricated it won’t move with same efficiency and speed. Organ will take more effort to take in same amount of ambarpyushi.

4. Vyamata – too much exercise – any kind of exercise, not just physical, but mental as well. Overexertion even of the mind. Continuously working and you sit down and breathe heavily – why do you do that when It had nothing to do with your movement? A sigh of relief for example.

5. Shuditasya – Less food, being hungry – if you don’t have food, you won’t get the energy to work properly. While we are talking now about pranavaha srotas, any disease or pathology in ayurveda, food is going to be a factor. The only thing that body takes in are where pathogens come in.

6. Anya Strotavikruti – other srotas vikruti – if other srotas are in vikruti it can cause pranavaha srotas to be in vikruti

7. Anya dushthi hetu – (all) other causative factors – smoking, pollens, viruses, bacteria, anything.

Dushti Lakshana – Symptoms – certain diseases that can be cause for pranavahasrotas
1. Ati Srusta Swasana – Hyper Apnea – Too fast breathing (usually breathe 18 times in a minute roughly) but if more than that, it is too fast and that is called atisrustaswasan. You will still need the same amount of oxygen

2. Atibadha Swasana – too much + obstruction – stertorous breathing – breathing that has a break or stops in the middle. Not between the inhale an exhale but rather both the inhale and exhale are halted. Say there is a tumor in the nose and then breathing is obstructed. Can also be due to a NOT anatomical cause. When srotas is closed or blocked partially, this is a symptom of it – can be caused by kapha, can be caused by mind blockage too.

3. Kupita – chyne stroke respiration – also too fast breathing but here the ratio between the inhale and exhale timing is vikruti/not normal. Any ratio disturbance is this, can be too much inhale to exhale or too much exhale to inhale. When you take certain amount of oxygen inside then you need to get rid of a certain amount of carbon dioxide. Not the same as pranayama – that is an exercise not a normal thing.

4. Alpaalpa swasana – shallow breathing/respiration

5. Abhikshana – bronchial breathing – inhale and exhale are both longer than normal.

6. Sashula swasana – breathing with pain. Anywhere within the pranavaha srotas – could be throat or sinuses or anything. Ribcage is considered part of the whole pranavaha srotas.

7. Sashabda Swasana – breathing with noise. Wheezing, snoring


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