All you need to know about Aama

Toxic morbid metabolic waste material formed due to improper digestion for many variable reasons

Qualities – sticky slimy stuck to the walls of amashaya, heaviness

Signs and Symptoms due to presence of Aama –
After aama has formed and become stagnant in the amashaya, then doshas take it to places in the body.
Because of excess Prithvi (earth element) and Aap (water element) show up in the aahara rasa (See next post Detailed Digestion in Ayurveda and digestive additions) and that stickiness and heaviness is due to these two mahabhuta (elements).
Like increases like, so don’t want to eat additional things high in in prithvi and aap.

Bitter/Tikta – things high in Akash and Vayu – bitter things are Aama Pachak.
Tej also good for digesting Aama.

Langhana/fasting – because of this we are activating the agni, when agni is strong it has potential to digest that aama. That is the reason why we immediately go on langhana when we have first signs of aama. Aama is not something horrifying or scary, we can certainly digest it and remove it from the body by digesting it. Langhan digests aama and increases agni.

If you see all the functions of the body, all the dhatus (tissues) function, dosha (humours) function due to agni. The moment agni is disturbed, everything gets disturbed. Doshas easily increase in the body when the agni is low. Like a hot burning fire, not even ash remains on the wood. Conversely when the fire is low, ash on the wood. Aam forms when fire is low – agni mandya (low agni) condition. In this situation, a little amount of Pitta, Vayu, Kapha can all increase depending on quantity and quality of food we intake. If aama is present and we have heavy meal and body can’t digest it, more aama is formed. If we have something heavy, we create a disturbance in both agni and aama. First priority of agni is always to digest aama, but then adding more food adds to it. If you add spicy curry on top of aama, that will aggravate Pitta. When Pitta increases and aama is there, symptoms will increase. SamaPitta conditions. If eating excess Kapha with aama and low agni, Sama Kapha.

How about the idea of feeling this stuff in your system? Most people in Western society eat and eat and eat heavy meals over heavy meals and the have a heavy dessert on top and have a ton of aama and don’t feel a thing? Look at peoples tongues, that thick white or yellowish coating…. that is aama.

Disease formation due to vitiated doshas and weakened srotas. So for the disease to present, the doshas only increase because something is wrong in the body – agni mandya and aama formation are the reasons those doshas increase. In that manner, doshas keep increasing, and pathogenesis can take place.

Aama is something that disturbs main functions of body. The presence of Prithvi and Aap gets reflected in every symptom. Heaviness and Stickiness are both those symptoms.

Aama Vata (rheumatoid arthritis)– at specific site of joints. Applying oil will overload agni at that joint and overload for skin and joint which immediately reacts by swelling and increasing pain. Application of oil then immediately increases aama in the joint.
When aama is present in the body, it will certainly show some symptoms. It is our job to know these symptoms so we can immediately respond to it. When aama is present it allows doshas to increase quickly. Sometimes the initial aama will get digested but the doshas are still high which is then continuing to create disease. So then aama is not present, but doshas are increased and disease is still present.

If aama is digested you will feel better, appetite returns but still may be symptoms. In panchakarma either vamana or virechana, must first oil body from inside. You only can do that if aama is fully digested and agni is strong in order to digest the oil. It will otherwise complicate the Amma and create disease.
This is the very scary part of all of the “ayurvedic practitioners” here in the West that are telling everyone to do oil massage.
So before panchakarma, do pachana treatment to digest aama. But it won’t reduce doshas completely, or otherwise why bother with panchakarma. Instead, pachana, digest aama, then oleate, then panchakarma.

Rock salt specifically channelizes Vayu. Ginger helps with the movement too. So Ginger and Rock Salt before you eat is good to help digest aama in body.
Vayu gets obstructed when mixed with Aama, but doesn’t mix with Aama itself. Pitta and Kapha have physicality so they can actually mix with the Aama.
Because of the presence of aama in the body, it generates diseases. The treatment is usually to take care of doshas as well as agni and aama simultaneously.

Srotorodha = Srotas+obstruction(rodha) – first sign is obstruction of passage/clogging of the srotas. Whatever is normally coming through the srotas is blocked. Ex. If have Pitta increasing food, pitta increases, mixes with aama, and then tries to pass through srotas. If it gets stopped somewhere, it gets blocked or obstructed. Because of its size or quality it gets stuck somewhere. When it gets blocked, anything that passes through that srotas gets obstructed. That is srotorodha. Srotorodha can be present in almost all the diseases. Ex. Fever – always caused by aama which is circulated all over the body in the rasa dhatu. That is jwara. Aama has traveled all over rasavaha srotas. Agni tries to go to the rasavaha srotas to digest aama, and then gets blocked. The srotas get blocked and that is why sweating is often not present – that is why the temperature increases. This is a pathological condition. Agni gets trapped and body temperature raises and sweat can’t come out because of the srotorodha. The main focus of treatment is digestion of aama, and then sweat will come out. Can be in any of the srotas from small to large.

Tumor – aama could be triggering Kapha or Prithvi mahabhuta to increase and gets stagnant in particular srotas -> true of either malignant or benign tumors.

Balabhransha = bala/strength + bhransha/loss of – loss of strength – for the strength, mostly mamsa dhatu is necessary. Specifically because of aama, the proper functioning of mamsa is not able to take place. Contraction isn’t happening properly, even if person seems strong. Weakness develops. For example during fever, you will notice muscular weakness. In other conditions the overall energy level and strength of the body gets depleted. For a sportsmen or weightlifter, with a chronic lingering problem, performance gets hindered. Improve health, improve performance.

Gaurav – adjective of guru – heaviness. Given by vitiated form of prithvi and aap mahabhuta. Because aama itself is heavy it will increase heaviness. The person feels heavy, not necessarily that the weight has literally increased, but especially after eating, the person feels heavy. Some amount of food is in process of digestion. When digested fully, the body feels light. But in undigested form will feel heavy because food is there and in process. When aama is present, still in process of digestion, the body expects and deserves digestion, but doesn’t get it. Can be in stomach or all over the body. Specifically in obesity, people feel heavy. The first symptom from langhana is the feeling of lightness. Whatever stagnant doshas get reduced.
In such situations, aama can potentiate disturbance of tamas guna in mind. When vayu increases due to blockages, rajas can also increase. That is why we feel heavy, tired, always like sleeping. I’m not feeling well, I better take a nap – that heaviness is increasing tamas. Matt, this is you.

Anilmudhata = Anil/Vayu + Mudhata/Silliness ☺ – Distorted Movement of Vayu. Which means all the signs and symptoms are related to each other. Because of blockages, flow gets obstructed, so Vayu travels in all directions. Anilmudhata is also considered as Vayu Prakop. Prakopavastha. Vayu increased. Vata gets in prakop in two ways: one due to obstruction that goes in all directions. 2 when all srotas get empty and vayu has too much space to roam around. When dhatu gets depleted say because you don’t eat for several days at a time. Depletion happens, space is created, vayu moves in. Excessive indulgence in sex, shukra dhatu depleted, agni of shukra dhatu tries to take from majja dhatu, then asthi, then meda, then mamsa, then rakta, then rasa. What remains is absolutely nothing. No strength or immunity left to the structure. Then any bacteria can attack. The weakest srotas in the body is pranavaha srotas, so it settles in the lungs and is called TB. The problem is not the lungs, but rather the whole body depletion. Western medicine focuses on the bacteria and the lungs but don’t figure out how to rebuild the whole system. If someone is under anti-tuberculine treatment, improve agni of every dhatu. When apana vayu gets disturbed can cause coughing and breathlessness as it goes back up the wrong way. Swarna Bhasma and mercury and other treatments are needed that increase agni of every dhatu AND nourishes every dhatu. Guduchi is too mild in this case – rasa kalpa/mineral treatments are what is needed in this case. Guduchi will work but would take a long time.

Alasya – Laziness. Can also be related to mind. Procrastination. Specific work related alasya can be there too. Heaviness related to aama is not allowing manas to related well, functions are getting lost, so no desire to have proper work or action.

Apakti – Indigestion/not digesting – because of aama, the main priority of agni is to digest aama, so if aama is present, not digesting the rest. So some kind of indigestion is always present. Indigestion is always pathological.

Nishthiva – when we say aama is present, agni is low, that allows doshas to increase. Nishtheeva refers to the increase of doshas – excessive salivation that we need to spit out. Drooling on the pillow for example. Excessive salivation with a root cause of doshas increasing due to agni not being active.

Malasanga – Sanga=stagnation (not Sangha meaning union) specifically related to malas – all kinds of stagnation. Jwara (fever): stagnation of sweda in this case is malasanga. All kinds of malas can stagnate depending on which kinds of diseases are showing up.

Aruchi – Lack of taste/tastelessness – Inability to perceive taste specifically due to Aama, NOT due to endriyas being weak or not working. Specific indriyas lose functionality for certain periods of taste and aama also prevents from being tasted.

Klama – fatigue. Actually nothing but next stage of balabransha/loss of strength. And inability to recover from it.

These are all mainly the signs of aama.

Excessive knowledge which causes excessive problems – refers to digestion


9 thoughts on “All you need to know about Aama

  1. Who’s going to follow it? Me, lol. I’m dedicated to my health and want to finally achieve it instead of going in circles. And damn, I’m SURE it has something to do with diet, with my catarrh returning after breaking a fast and digestion being bad. Digestion is about what? Diet. I mean stress plays a role too, but come on, if it’s not digesting properly then I’m probably eating wrong. I asked about chapatis because we have, or rather had (as in historic food) something like that in Poland (it’s called differently, obviously). Come to think of it… When I started doing lunchboxes I wasn’t putting too much veggies there so they wouldn’t go rancid. Clueless, I just filled it with buckwheat, very mild spices, oil and some tomatoes. But it was mostly buckwheat, not salad or lots of cooked veggies or anything like that. And I felt great after eating it. Kept going and going and going and going, walked long distances whole day. Felt full, even though I ate less than usual (I usualy eat big plate, but lunchbox is small, heh). I probably should eat slightly more, like second identical lunchbox or half. But other than that it was great.

    Don’t even get me started on western nutrition… When I hear smoothies I want to scream. They digest tragically for me.

      • Good point. I do wake up before sunrise but go back to sleep anyway because I’m afraid I didn’t slept enough or something. Isn’t 4 or 5 too early? Then I sleep in and wake up at 8 or 9 second time and that’s too late :/. I have history of insomnia (since I was 6 or so) so I’m afraid I won’t get enough sleep. I go to sleep at 12. Had some days when I went to sleep by 10 and felt great but most the time I can’t do that. And I wake up multiple times during the night so I never know which time should be last.

    • I have a referral to AVT in Coimbatore for the masses. It is completely dependent upon the person, where they live, what is going on with them. A foreigner, I am not going to send to anything but a place that is suited for the modern western world person in need of their own luxuries and bias. For someone more worldly, I have other referrals.

  2. Thank you dear Sir for all the information posted.
    I do however not have a clue what to do with this info.
    I had what I think was aama flush about 4 years ago after being restricted to fruit/vegetables and water for 3 weeks. I think about 3kg of black slimy stuff left me that day and I never felt that good again.
    Can one have such a rinse at will, say every year, or what do I have to eat/not eat to get the accumulated aama loosened/digested?

    • Chantelle,
      I understand. This is why I explain that Ayurveda is not just as easy as what they are writing in the Western books.
      I do not know about your fruit and vegetable cleanse to say that it was aama cleansing. Interestingly enough when you get deep into Ayurveda you realize so many things, like from a cultural context so much is known already here in india. Vegetables are not a huge piece of the diet. Infact, if you were to do a study, or someone was and research all the vegetables that are specifically explained to not have with different diseases you would come up with their qualities and find that those qualities are not good for those specific diseases. In the end what you would see is that vegetables are not as healthy as we think they are. This is why the diet of India used to be mainly grains and seeds and monocots and dicots or the pulses. Lots of flours, lots of breads, lots of spices, ots of dairy but not much vegetables and they are always cooked well. With oil. There is also a subhashita (words of wisdom) that states Hita Bhukta, Mita bhukta, ashaka bhukta in a response to the question of what brings health and happiness. it means basically of following what is the beneficial rules of eating, living or lifestyle and to not eat vegetables. Interesting.
      So what to do with all of this information about Aama? Great question. I do not write so that people can quickly jot down a follow this and don’t do that chart, that is not Ayurveda. Ayurveda is understanding why and how and when for the individual, which is individualized, not a mass program. This is the beauty of Ayurveda. Unfortunately, i find it useless in the modern world where we are to busy with mundane distractions to understand something of such depth. it takes time and dedication to learn. Just as anything that has any value.
      Just for the record, what is feeling good? What diagnosis is used for this? Not doubting you felt good after 3kg of black slimy stuff exited your system but using the raw food diet as an example, it is vata aggravating and the person feels good because of feeling light and having vata imbalanced. What is this though? Disease or health? Get the point? There is much more to it all than feeling.
      Every year, yes. Go to India and do a month or 5 weeks of Panchakarma, at the same time learn more of Ayurveda. This is a real cleansing of the system made to the individual, once again not a mass idea of what cleansing is. o stay healthy, agni is the most important factor. Not doshas. If the agni is imbalanced everything else becomes imbalanced. if the agni is maintained, the doshas are maintained in balance. this is just one more reason why the dosha diet stuff is incorrect.

      • Vegetables are unhealthy?? Wow, comments section is even better than articles… Vegetables are unhealthy??? I mean, I understand raw diet is unhealthy, I did very badly on high raw, never even got to 100% raw. But cooked veggies? Bad too? So what are we supposed to eat?

        By breads you mean something like chapati?

      • yeah, this is a very high level statement though because alot is needed to be understood to even comprehend the why behind all of this. And then who is actually going to follow it in a culture that thinks vegetables are the healthiest things there are? Everything has its qualities and those qualities become you after consuming. They have actions as well which work in the system as well. there is also knowledge that those actions work differently in different parts of the body and a ton of more knowledge that does not even start to be known in the Western world of health and nutrition.
        Vegetable cause their quality on the system. Over time this is not a good thing for the system. This is why vegetables are eaten in limited quantities in indian meals originally. Yes, i mean like chapatis, there are many other breads to. Chapatis are only one.
        Grains and pulses make up most of the diet. And of course the knowledge base in the west is against this right now. Right now. but wait 20 years and once again they will be saying something else completely opposite to what they state now.

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