Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmyam ch.1

Narada said, “I wandered everywhere in this material world and I cannot get satisfaction at all because this Kali Yuga has come, Kali yuga is the age of sinful activity. Such sinful activities are rampant, people are envious of each other, quarrelling and fighting, so much enviousness is there. All of these things are going on. What is the condition of Kali Yuga? “

satyam nasti tapah saucam daya na vidyate
udarambharino jiva varakah kuta-bhasinah

mandah sumanda-matayo manda-bhagya hy upadrutah
pakhanda-niratah santo viraktah saparigrahah
[Srimad-bhagavata-mahatmyam ch.1, vs. 30-31]

This is Kali yuga, there is no truthfulness, everyone is speaking lies. All are affected by Kali yuga. There is no tapasya, no austerity, no penance, nosadachara. All human beings are only engaged in how to fill their belly, eating, sleeping, defending and mating, this is our activities in Kali Yuga.

Intelligence is bad, fortune is bad, manda-bhagya, suffering from disease, so many diseases are there. There are so called sadhus, pseudo sadhus. They are running after a woman and wealth.

taruni-prabhuta gehe syalako buddhi-dayakah
kanya-vikrayino lobhad dampatinan ca kalkanam

asrama yavanai ruddhas tirthani saritas tatha
devata-yatanany atra dustair nastani bhurisah
[Srimad-bhagavata-mahatmyam ch.1, vs. 32-33]

In every grha, household women are predominating, not men. The brother of the wife is minister, gives instruction, do this, do that. Every human being has developed so much greed for the objects of sense enjoyment. They earn money, money, money. They are selling their own daughters. Only quarrelling goes on. Fighting between husband and wife. Fighting between father and son, fighting between friends. Everybody thinks I am great, I am great. This damba, pride is the measuring rod in Kali Yuga. Two persons quarrel and fight, two groups quarrel and fight, two communities quarrel and fight, two neighbors quarrel and fight, all are quarrelling and fighting. Aham bada hai! “I am great!” This is Kali yuga.

In Bharata-varsa, India, all the ashrams headed by the brahmacari-asaram are polluted, all holy places, the holy rivers, all are occupied by melechhas andyavanas. This is Kali yuga. Many, many temples are broken down. It is very, very difficult to get siddha-sadhaka because everything is being burnt by forest fire, the Kali yuga is like a forest fire.”

Narada Muni says,

atta-sula jana-padah siva-sula dvijatayah
kaminyah kesa-sulinyah sambhavanti kalav iha
[Srimad-bhagavata-mahatmyam ch.1, vs. 35]

“In Kali yuga all the human beings are so greedy, so greedy. They are only thinking how to earn money, money, money. Brighter than sunshine, sweeter than honey, more money, more money, more money. They are selling rice,anna in the baazar. Anna should not be sold. Anna should be distributed, but they are selling! This is Kali yuga. In other yugas it is not done like that.

Those brahmanas are selling Vedas! Yes, they are utilising the Bhagavata like a mercantile commodity. They are selling it to earn their livelihood. Women are selling their hair and making wigs. Selling their body and becoming prostitutes to earn money. This is Kali yuga.” In the Western world it is very, very true.




4 thoughts on “Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmyam ch.1

  1. I don’t remember where, but I think I read something about Kali Yuga, and even though we’re in this terrible period we must not despaire because there is also a tiny ounce of hope in this period. For me that hope is studying hinduism/buddhism to learn how to control myself so I can be a better person 🙂 many are studying these religions and I think they’ll be inspired to control their weaknesses. There’s always hope 🙂

    • Hi, Christina. Thanks for your comment and your time.

      In studying yoga and all the other hindu and buddhist paths that i have, Hope, it is the opposite side of the coin that has despair in it. If you hope you will always get a heaping of despair. This is fundamental understanding.

      I can use what is going on in the US for the past decade as an example. Obama’s first campaign was HOPE. He rode that one to office. Yet when he did not deliver, he brought on huge despair. The amount of searching and fear that is going on here in America is frightening. This is due to belief in hope.
      None of the texts that i have read say anything about hope. Bhagavad gita… anything about hope in there? Nope.

      There is a newer website out there that you may find good instead of the watered down mass marketed books.

      Check it out.

      I think you will find it a pretty good source of info.

    • You can do a search on Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmyam and find many many websites that will have this and other texts written about. Enjoy!

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