Improper education and lack of integrity in education lead to…

A strong poison also becomes the best drug by proper administration and knowledge, but on the other hand even the best drug is reduced to sharp poison, if administered improperly by the ignorant. The wise person desiring for long life and health should not take any medicine administered by ignorant physician (quack). A man’s fortune may have them survive Indra’s thunderbolt, even when struck on head, but even their fortune cannot save them from an ignorant physician’s medicine prescribed. A foolish doctor with half knowledge, who regarding himself as wise because of ego and ignorance is a mrtyukaraka (signifier of death). He administers medicines to the afflicted, bedridden, faithful patient and they fall into hell. The patient, even on talking with this kind of physician that is dharmahina (devoid of virtue, who is a sinner, personified death, and wicked), will die. A foolish, ignorant doctor should never cheat the patient by taking their property or money. For that doctor, it is best for them to drink serpent poison or the intake of boiling decocted copper or the swallowing of red hot iron balls. Acceptance of medicine from one putting on the robe of scholars is never good. A doctor should always be putting his efforts in learning, be intelligent, and have a thirst for knowledge. 

Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana Chapter 1  Verse #126-132


Originally Ayurveda comes from a place of integrity in every manner. 


4 thoughts on “Improper education and lack of integrity in education lead to…

  1. So, given the current state of quick certifications and an over abundance of “physicians”, both eastern and western, how can one safely recognize a truly experienced physician? As a follow-up question, would you actually recommend that people refrain from seeking the advice of most ayurvedic physicians in the US given the fact that most of them have been practicing 2-3 years with a maximum of 10 years of “clinical” practice? To what level should one seek advice? It seems like, given the circumstances, the concept of the ayurvedic physician in the west is just going to be very different than it is in India. I’m interested to see how the practice evolves over the next several decades. How much will it try to remain loyal to it’s native roots, and how much will it change in order to adapt and relate to the land, environment and culture of the western countries.

    • David,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. The state of Ayurveda in America is horrific at best. I would not advise anyone to go to any Ayurvedic Practitioner here. There are only a few that I know of that have any type of real education. I would only recommend a real Ayurvedic Doctor. That is only the few Indian that have completed the education in India. Yet I would then tell you that the BAMS is just the starting point and i would tell you to find a Ph.d or Md doctor. Not an easy task. Seeing that in India where an education can be bought and much of everything is corrupt in everyway, can you trust that they know what they are doing as well? Most of the Ayurveda Practitioners are coming out of the Ayurvedic Institute. Now I can tell you that when I studied there, I left due to the lack of integrity in the education as well as my mother did pancha karma there, it was horrific. She has Parkinson’s and they rushed her around from one thing to the next. When she had arrived she was given basically a menu to choose from what she wanted form treatments. Suffice to say, she was much worse than when she had started. I have pictures that show that proof. When i asked the administration why about all of this, they stated that most Americans can not handle real pancha karma. It is too hard on their bodies and they are not used to that. This is a crock of it. I also went to the administration with questions about the yoga that was being taught. They stated that if they were to teach real yoga many people would not be able to live that life and would feel bad. I am not kidding, this was the answer I was given. Then it was backed up by saying that there are Swami’s (and i was given the name of one) that are teaching yoga like this as well. So i guess that makes it alright then. So I left.
      This has been my experience all over America in my experience and journey of getting an Ayurvedic education. There are no clinical hours to get anywhere as a practitioner because there are no real clinics. What can we expect from those educated under these conditions? Vata Pitta and Kapha check lists and diet plans.

      Now, let me throw into it a curve ball. There is a whole cultural piece to all of this as well. It is a paradigm that I am speaking of. How can one understand Ayurveda outside of its cultural definition? It is truly impossible. At least almost. My experience of living in India and studying has shown me this.

      So yes, I would have people refrain from going into Ayurveda. Since changing the diet and lifestyle will increase vata immensely. Until there is some sort of better education of Ayurveda that fits the WHO guidelines for minimal education just to be responsible and safe. No education here fits that yet. Interesting huh?

      I personally dont see anything good in the future for Ayurveda here in the US. Seeing from a socialogical standpoint as well as knowing what our culture is like here, adding to this understanding through the eyes of Jyotish and the understanding we are in Kali Yuga….. In the US we exploit things for money. That is what it basically comes down to. There are people that understand this and see it and either play along or not. Then there are the others who actually think that Oprah is authentic. I will leave it at that.
      How is anyone to know what real Ayurveda is if they have been taught something different and believe that this is what they know? Out of around 50 ayurveda practitioners i have asked only a couple have ever opened up any of the original texts. but they all have read David Frawleys and Dr. Lad’s books. How would they ever understand anything else?
      I see Ayurveda losing its roots just as Chinese Medicine has. I actually would guess that it will be quite the same except worse since there is the spring board of what is being called Yoga and a huge wave of searching going on out there. Look at what yoga has turned into and if you have any reality of understanding of yoga….. how can we do anything different with Ayurveda. Call it something new, write new books on it, etc etc.. It is already happening.

      There are fundamentals that Ayurveda works off of. If those are not being taught or followed and new stuff is being adapted and taught, is it still ayurveda?

      When I am in India, I see what would be called miracles in the hospital i am in. It is not some fancy tourist raping Ayurveda clinic, just a real Ayurvedic hospital. What I see happening there is real ayurveda. The classical being applied and the results… amazing. Even dead bone cell is growing back. Funny huh. Sadly, that will never exist here in the west for so many reasons.
      None, not any of the results i see over there can be had from diet plans and improper treatments based in what is taught here.

  2. Thank you for your reply,
    That’s an honest answer, which I had hope I would not hear, but was feeling the need to accept before reading your response. In my research and journey toward healing, I find so many glaring contradictions and so many ways that our horrible western medical and religious system have entered into, or perhaps appropriated the language of Ayurveda. But alas, I am not in a position to go to India and find a truly knowledgable physician, which is perhaps why I have fought against this truth for sometime.

    • David,
      Yes, it is sad. But then again, it is all that is and all of that is really nothing more or less than anything it should be.
      I know that sounds like some woo woo or flippant spiritual bypass but it really is not. Both the sadness about the state and the understanding of the totality of everything exist at the same time. The facts still remain the facts and everything is just as it is.

      I would, as I have before, refer people to Shubham Ayurveda, Fremont, CA for probably the most reliable and authentic ayurveda your going to find in america. They are small but the best here. Stay far away from the colleges and other institutions. If you need a private referral I can give one of those to but email me rather than on this blog.

      Best of luck with everything.

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