What is living, what is relating?


What are you when you have no ambition and no motivation? What are you?


Most would believe that it is somehow a lack of life but it is actually much much more life. Our culture has programmed this. We don’t know what we have not experienced.


What if the ambition and motivation dissolves and whatever action you take is in a context of reciprocity and thus the only source of action, not ambition or motivation?


Expanded consciousness is impersonal is an outcome of relationship, a world without ambition and motivation. A world comes forward of reciprocity of relationship. This is foundational in any real healthy relationship. It is also a spiritual life. No action outside of reciprocity. This expands awareness and consciousness. Openness cannot exist as a concept or extraction. Openness exists in a quiet and relaxed state in the nervous system. it allows one to be relational. if the nervous system is wound tight, there is no relating due to the mind being spun out. the more the consciousness develops the less personal the consciousness is. there is less and less ambition and motivation when the nervous system unwinds. Relating becomes a totally different thing.

If one is mental, this is not allowing real relating. In this state there is only desire, expectations, taking and neediness. Needing to be better, be more, is actually a distraction from what you are. It is parasitic. Vampiric. The modern world works upon this premise.


What would a life be like in this way without living in the mind?


This is the sacred world of real yoga.


Communication is a totally different thing. There is a big focus on effective communication today. This realm is not relationship, It is communication. This is best used in salesmanship technology. It is instrumental. What can I get, what can I give, what can I give to get. Reciprocity has no ambition or motivation. This is relationship or relating.









4 thoughts on “What is living, what is relating?

  1. Loved this. Especially the emphasis on reciprocity – No action outside of reciprocity. There are actually two different forms of reciprocity that operate in relationships- Generalized ( in relationships with close social distance- family, close friends) and balanced ( everyone else). Yes to a world where we are embodied and able to discern and escape the failings/ illusions of the mind. I’m off to the vampiric insanity of Phoenix again for Jacob’s graduation. Back next week.

    Would love to visit the tree with you soon.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Discern the difference between reciprocity and give and take. The reciprocity I speak of is without any motivation. Hardly a relationship from the Western paradigm exists in that. If you have one, fantastic. If you have family and friends with that, even more. Since i have only a few and have ever only seen a few…. ever, I would ask you then to discern what you truly have. A relationship based on reciprocity has no ups and downs. Can’t exist in this context.

      Enjoy your travels and Phoenix. Trees are definitely in the future.

  2. Dear Brad,

    I’d love it if you would say more about reciprocity.
    Perhaps offer some synonymous phrases, expand upon meaning? I’d like to hear you go deeper into what you have started here. An open query, accept if you wish to.

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