Budhyate anena iti budhi. The phenomenon of the intellect in which knowledge is gained.

It is a evolutionary principle in the manifestation from the primordial infinity. Matter is originating from the infinite pool of primordial energy of the unmanifest. Different different combinations and mutations of the derivatives give rise to different different basic elements for an organism. Budhi becomes the link between pure self and object.

The Budhi in perception is of two types; from memory and from senses and logics. When the faculties of Budhi are examined, we see all the higher mental functions of the human being are included in it. By the study of these factors, one will also come to know the principles of the universe and its phenonomen. Neither self nor Budhi can independently be the subject in knowing. Knowledge is possible only by blending of both and mistaking of the two for a single subject. Non Discrimination between self and intellect remains the essential precondition of all individual experiences. Transcendence is the path to eliminate that error, it is the proper discrimination between self and intellect. Valid knowledge then is only possible when the self is capable of seeing itself as different from the intellect. A liberated individual is one who is aware of such discrimination and yet is qualified enough to attain valid knowledge by transcending such discrimination. Budhi is the decisive capacity. This capacity is only that of a personality in its baseline normalicy. The health of a person allows them to discriminate the beneficial and the non beneficial or the good and bad. It also allows the person to then decide what what to do and what not to do. These two functions of Dhi and Dhriti are the two faculties of Budhi. A person with good discrimination will be less prone to disease due to the lifestyle they live due to the choices they make every moment. (this states volumes about the Western culture) The physiology of the mind works by the senses grasping whatever information through prana to the mind. The mind does the collection and then the information has its final interpolation or criticism by the buddhi. This is the primary function at the level of the mind. The faculty of budhi later criticizes the perceptions for further development of ideas regarding the perception. Any imbalance of these faculty or the function of them is due to their misuse in either underuse, overuse or misuse them. This imbalance leads to disease. So that little bit of chocolate cake isn’t gonna hurt you, huh? It goes much further and much more subtle than the actual cake. 




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