‘Bad’ cholesterol not as bad as people think, study shows….

I was having a conversation about cholesterol with someone that watched a documentary on Juicing the other day. There is so much misinformation out there it is scary. Cholesterol is not the bad guy anymore as western research shows. in my book never was.



Are you afraid of cancer? Maybe if we would look at why the cancer is being caused instead of looking for a cure we might get somewhere. Maybe some people out there might have a light switch go off when i say, “yes, meat has been linked to cancer” but maybe you should look deeper. maybe it is because red meat is the highest biological value protein. This means in western world that it must be the best and we wanna eat the best. NOPE. It means that it is the densest and heaviest and hardest to digest. You eat alot of it and you can’t digest it. What happens? It turns into toxicity in the body and forms toxic tissues that are ready for the cancer to happen. It isn’t that red meat is bad. Not at all. it is medicine as much as any other food. It is the capacity of the digestion of the individual that is not taken into consideration. After years of eating huge amounts of red meat with a dysfunctional digestive system, well… what do you think is going to occur?

I hope this turns on a few light bulbs.


If we keep looking at things outside we will continue to find misinformation. Look internally to find your solutions. Look internally with an understanding and knowledge that works with the internal or explains the internal.


And you are responsible for everything that happens to you. It is not outside invading unless you have set up the environment for it to. No such thing as allergies or seasonal colds and flus in a healthy body that eats in tune with the natural occurrences of the environment it exists in.



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