Dietary health is so much more than what you are eating, what about your body?

What does the health of the diet, what you put into your system, matter if your are not digesting, assimilating and eliminating properly?

Today, diet and health has turned into a religion. It is dogmatic and people are in such a state of fear that they grip onto the new fad diet and defend it with amazing force… until the next one comes along. i.e. Zone, Atkin’s, Alkalize Diet, Raw, Juicing, Paleo etc…. But who cares what you are eating when you are not even conscious of the more important factors of having a simple meal that you are conscious of eating, chewing the food ( see ) so that digestion can actually happen, not being distracted during the meal, eating at a moderate speed, moderate quantity, conducive to the environment, conducive to the individual, conducive to the time of day and year, food that one is habituated to, quantitiy to the strength of ones digestive capacity….. oh god, the list goes on and on of all the things that will affect the digestion of a meal without even looking at what the actual meal is consisting of. So let go of your diet being the right one, it really doesn’t matter when your life is in the western world of work for a living and stress for a living. in that world, digestion can never be at its optimal, much less the meal itself.

For more on what guidelines to follow on eating meals:

Then there is the matter of one’s digestive health. This is unique and also has to be in balance for the proper peristalsis and assimilation of the nutrients.

90 percent of all diseases are caused by improperly working bowels. …. Journal Clinical Gastroenterology 11:343-441, 1989

Even more important is the fact that the toilet is a huge part of the contribution to disease.

The bowel health is probably more important than the rest since it affects how everything you are putting in will be dealt with as well as your mood or mind and emotions. Ever been constipated? Then you know what I mean.

A major problem with our “technology” and conventional toilets made for luxury rather than any function of health is that in a sitting position on a toilet, the rectum cannot fully empty. It is tie into a position that it is physically impossible to empty. If you notice asian (indian as well) toilets are but a hole in the ground and one squats to relieve themselves. In this position the rectum is allowed to fully empty. In fact, because of the squatting position, the muscles that are shut off by sitting on a toilet are used to create a downward pressure. i.e. core musculature in today’s nomenclature. Most americans can hardly squat due to lack of mobility in the lumbar spine and hips and short and tight tissues due to sitting all the time. This is all connected to the health of what is internal in that area, the internal organs of the digestive system as well as reproductive and uritogenital.

Here is a pretty thorough how to video on deep squatting:

Please ignore his trick of using a piece of wood under the heels, biomechanically not good at all over time.

So what do you think happens to the fecal matter that doesn’t excrete properly in the questioning of health of the body? How about how that relates to the health of one’s organs and flexibility of one’s spine? Also the impact on one’s mind as I related with constipation earlier.

We look at the toilets that are a hole in the ground and find it strange and uncomfortable while we also have 89% back problems in this America, while asian countries only have 18% by a study that was done back in the early 90’s, although I am sure that has changed today with the asian countries becoming more Westernized with their diets and lifestyles.

This video is for a product that attempts to help the situation but missed a major point, your still sitting on the pot and your musculature is still all flaccid. It is a good attempt though and more so the visual really lets you get what is going on.

Lets continue the journey. After the bowel movement is released the energy moves upward.

Back to the poop. Since we are all very very confused on what is proper because of the strong subjectivity of todays theories and ideas, here is what a time tested 10,000 year old science of health says….

Your BM should float.
Undigested toxic fecal matter sinks due to its heaviness and digested is light and will float.

Your poop should be much like the consistency of a ripe banana.
To dry and the BM is in small pieces or constipation happens
To liquid means that the formation is due to other imbalances like possibly to high of pitta (fire and water)

You really don’t need to use toilet paper.
Can you believe it. If it is well digested, it does not have a stickiness and you should be clean afterwards. This is why they only use water and a hand to wash afterwards in those foreign countries that use just a porcelain hole for a toilet.  If it leaves a skid mark due to it being sticky, you are definitely not digesting.

Your BM should not smell bad.
Digested food comes out without odor. Gas, smelly feces, stickiness, is all part of a very unhappy digestive system. Also, if one is not digesting their sweat and body odour smells. Now just because someone has a body fragrance does not mean that they have BO, there is a difference and if you put into the mixing bowl of your intellect what using a deoderant is actually used for, well, it says enough about your (or the American public’s) state of digestion doesn’t it? Should not have to use that either.

You should have 2 to 3 BMs a day.
If you aren’t, where is the food going? Think about it. Normal in the western world of medicine says one a day. That is scary.  Most people only have a few a week. Since most of the food that we eat in America is sweet in taste, this creates even more quantity of fecal matter, so where is it going?

Okay, on to the next step, that nasty toilet paper that is killing trees as well as your mucosal tissue. Many diseases are actually created just because of the use of toilet tissue and what it does to the very tender mucosal tissue of your anus. Tissue paper drying out and/or aggravating the anal mucosal tissue does create excoriation of it and can cause anal fissures, anal itching, bleeding, painful bowel movements, even to the seriousness of anal prolapse and hemorrhoids. There are even studies that are showing colitis being created but that to me is dubious.

Another piece to this mucosal tissue is using soap to wash is also drying it all out.

I can also speak from experience at the change that happens to the health of the tissue down there when one stops the aggravation of it with toilet paper and you might not even be conscious of the damage you are doing. The tissue changes back into a healthy tissue in a short while and this changes the entire experience of a bowel movement.

If you have a sink next to your toilet, you are in such luck. just simply get a 4 cup measuring cup, fill it with water, dump slowly with your right hand and wash with your left. This may take a little time to get used to, but the benefits are huge, not to mention the savings on toilet paper costs and the trees and debris in the sewage system.

The bidet was invented in France in the 1710s. It’s a device that makes it easy to clean yourself with water. You can also go to the hardware store and get a sprayer like what is at the kitchen sink and the proper extensions to hook it to your water pipe behind your toilet for $30.

Yoga has a cleansing technique that does wonders for many


Now the easier way to do this doesn’t need to be with a turmeric stick which is easy to get in India but difficult in America. You can take a small amount of sesame oil (not coconut oil) and apply it to your middle finger. Squat down when you are taking a shower and rotate your finger in circles about 20 times one direction then 20 times the other. This stimulates so many nerves and the organs as well as draws vata downward. It also starts to help the restoration of the mucosal tissue. Please do not be ignorant and use coconut oil. It is the wrong oil due to its qualities and will create problems. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is healthy. Notice the quote in the picture above states turmeric root. The qualities are in exact opposition to coconut oil. Enough said.

Ideally if you really want to find real health, you have all the tools necessary already. The last thing that is necessary for health of the body in genral but also digestive health is to wake up before the sun rises. Yes, this makes no sense in the Western world and most people let out a big AWWWW, I don’t wanna do that……. when this is said. Lots of people say they can’t but this is only because their biological cloks are so messed up. It can be corrected with a little time.

One wakes up early in the AM 1 hour and 36 minutes before the sun rises or bramhamurhurta. this will change all year around. It also sets you up living in tune with nature instead of turning the clocks back and forward and living in a technology which has little to do with being a living being


“The time early in the morning, one and a half hours before sunrise, is called brahma-muhurta. During this brahma-muhurta, spiritual activities are recommended. Spiritual activities performed early in the morning have a greater effect than in any other part of the day.

Bhagavata Purana, 3.20.46

Those spiritual doors are open at sunrise for approximately 24 minutes, this is one ghati. The sun moves into another constellation by this time.

In Ayurveda, there is a delineation of how the elements move throughout the day. Generally, Vata (air and ether) time is 2 to 6 AM and PM. At this time, it is lighter, clear, and drier and energy is high. This is also the time (mainly around peak at 4:00am) one wakes up when having a vata imbalance, with nightmares, anxiety and all the demons of our mind come out.

If you wake at Brahma muhurta (the time of brahma), a healthy body will instinctually have a bowel movement. This is due to the activation of prana, the inward movement of energy caused by opening the eyes and the use of prana thru sight. This is also the body’s way of starting a daily cleansing. The release of the bowel movement or earth energy, lightens the body or makes prana move upward. This in-turn, stimulates the digestion and then stimulates the appetite. This can be felt if you are sensitive to your body and right after the earth energy is released. At sunrise the water and earth elements increase. If you sleep in beyond the suns rising your body gets heavier and wetter the longer you sleep in. (Kaphakala = kapha time) This natural bowel movement does not happen. The body does not cleanse or stimulate the gastric fire but normally we eat anyway….. because it is time to eat rather than feeling our digestion and seeing if we are hungry. The food does not digest and we eat lunch at lunch time anyway because it is time to eat. You can see how this is a downward spiral here, leading us into disease. This is why that western medical research in the late 80′s said that 90% of our diseases started from our bowels. If you do not experience a bowel movement from waking up this early, you can try drinking a small amount of warm water which will channelize vata and will “in only western terms” start the peristalsis.


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