Colonics and Ayurvedic basti: not even in the same world

Someone asked me to write about colonics. I am gonna make this very brief and you can do your own research. 


In Ayurveda there is a treatment called basti. It is where a warm medicinal oil is introduced into the large intestines and rectum in different quantities and medicaments for specific treatment. It has nothing at all to do with colonics or enema as the Westren world has called it oil enemas. It is not for purification or cleansing of the large intestine in anyway that we would see it. It is infact meant to be absorbed into the system, it is held for an amount of time. Colonics and basti have nothing to do with each other. 


The large intestine is home to vata in Ayurveda. Vata is air and ether elements. this is where the nutrients are absorbed intot eh bloodstream in western concept. The qualities of vata are light, dry, mobile, cold, hard, rough, subtle, flowing and clear. You might be able to see that colonics actually aggravate these qualities which will lead to disease and disturbed digestion at the minimum. 

There is no correlation of colonics and basti. 



Furthermore, if you do your own research you will find a huge amount of studies and research showing that colonics are unhealthy and disease creating. Here is a start for you. 



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