Dosha of the season

Today, with all the global warming or bio engineering going on to supposedly control the weather or whatever they are doing we are seeing a huge disruption of natural weather patterns and the seasonal norm is greatly being changed. As Ayurveda explains, this dosha, or abnormality in the seasons causes severe disruption in the health of a human being. So what to do? How do we balance the balance when the balance is so all over the place?


Depending upon where you live, the seasons have followed a strange pattern. To balance the balance we need to be utmost aware of what is going on in the environment around us as well as what is going on inside us. This winter places that did not see the cold winter that builds kapha, saw flowers blooming that should only be blooming in spring. This is a great sign to advise us of the imbalance that is being bestowed upon us. If kapha is not built in the system, the immune system and strength of the body is lacking for the entire year to come. This also means that kapha has not been built in anyway to then have any cleansing or purification done. To do cleansing at this point will destroy the body. It can be seen like picking a unripe lemon and trying to squeeze the juice out of it. it will destroy the fruit and yield no juice. 

Places that have experienced the extremes of cold are still cold showing no signs of spring time coming. 

Once again one must be in touch with what is going on for their individual as well as what doshas are showing their signs and symptoms of aggravation and peaking. If one doesn’t have this awareness, there is no wisdom to pull from. 


The best thing to do is to see what imbalance is going on in the environment. From this, it will show what needs to be followed in an individuals daily regime and lead to a knowledge of what is to be done for a balance of the imbalance. 


Ayurveda is not a book with a check list and list of foods to eat or avoid. Everything has to be comprehended and embodied. Following a check list or a seasonal regime blindly will only create imbalance of the system and lead to disease without the understanding of the dynamism of weather, the seasons, and their effects on dosha. 


It is all in the elements baby. 


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