Paleo Diet watch out! Now there is the New Nordic Diet

Need I say more?

okay, i will anyway.

When are we gonna wake up?

I have watched this merry go round for 25 years already.

Every few years there is just one more new diet fads. Paleo is now, Nordic is new. Atkins was before South Beach and Zone died along the way.

As Sherry powder used to yell, “STOP THE INSANITY!!!!”

You are missing the point completely.

You are an individual. Does the western world of nutrition have any diagnostics measures for you being one? If there is no view of you being an individual having different digestion and different variables, how will just another scientifically proved until it is disproved diet work?


It will alway fall short of being healthy and it will just fade away with time just like the others.



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