The Pot Maker

This is one of the stories told to me by my teacher so I thought i would share. 


I share this in the topic of spirituality. 



There was a pot maker and for him his spirituality was in making pots. He never went to a temple, he never went on tirtha. He just make his pots and his pots were his connection with god. 


In India, pot making used to be very elaborate where one would have to do a dance on the mud to turn it in tot eh thick batter that was used to make the very best of pots. The pot maker was known for km around the entire region for the pots he made. 


When he would make the mud he would chant vishnu’s name and be taken away into bliss. But one day his new born son saw him dancing and chanting and slowly crawled closer and closer to his father. Soon he became too close and was sucked into the mud and the pot maker took no notice due to his immersion. He trampled his son to death. 


Later his wife came out looking for the baby and had to push the pot maker to bring him out of his dhyana. Noticing a leg of the child sticking out of the mud she became hysterical crying and shouting at the pot maker,”look what you have done, look what your bhakti has done!!!!” The pot maker responded, “I have no knowledge of what has happened, I was immersed in my dance. 


All of a sudden Vishnu showed up and said, “Don’t you worry, due to the level of your bhakti, your son will be reborn again next year to you.” 


The moral of this story is that you don’t know the deeper workings of the cosmos, ever. Even through jyotisha only a certain level can be ascertained. There is a deeper connection of everything by a force that is not known to material western science but the connection resides inside the human soul. The inner workings of anothers death is beyond comprehension at a human level. The level of the inner play between two people is not able to be ascertained as well. So do your dance, do your dharma, live the repercussions of your karma and bear witness to them. It is not for you to try to understand nor for you to judge. 



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