What is a healer, what is spiritual?

For those of you out there, Susan and others (don’t get mad), that don’t like the tone that I have in my posts or the so called judgemental attitude I supposedly have, I share this with you. I just recieved this from one of you. Someone I have just recently gotten to share emails with due to this blog.


I share this just to show more of what is actually going on out there. The stuff that anyone with any knowledge and any discernment sees. My comments will follow this quote from an email. Of course i have asked her for permission to use it. Thank you kindly as well.


“Just the other day an acquaintance told me she was shipping her very troubled 7 year old adopted son to stay with the child’s other parent so she can open her shamanism practice in another state after she had two demons removed during an initiation ceremony so she could help other people but first she would do her last step and be initiated into the Nana Society. I sat there reading with my mouth dropped open in total horror that this child needs his parents adopted or not. Not some group of strangers to tell you what an awesome healer you are. I wanted to scream this at her but it would be a waste of time.

I could sit here all day telling you one story after another but if you want my take it is a destruction of the family unit. From the tiny little family unit to the large unit of society. People in families are destroying each other so why shouldn’t they do it on a grand scale. There is no stability of decency and kindness, discipline or rules for the good of the family.  No manners no decency…. So we have removed the group stability factor and made ourselves open for the primitive instinct of isolation fear. We know we are prey and need the group to survive. But our brains are predators. We contradict our own self.

I think it has gotten to the point that if you tell anyone they are mistaken or hey try this it works, you are making them feel stupid and that sets off their reptile brain as a threat. How could they be wrong?  They might have died!!! Fear.  It’s all about fear. Wild insane fear. Greed will cure the fear. Clinging to their “ideas” and being right and judgmental will also cure their fear. It is a way to self soothe. Immaturity and fear.  Deadly combo.

That housewife (in my opinion) is looking for validation in a very weird place. Imagine if she actually knew she already was a healer with every meal she cooks and toilet she cleans. Every time she changes sheets and does laundry or plants a garden. But society had trashed the ever living hell out of being a housewife and she believes it.  So she looks elsewhere. This is my opinion because this is what I experience. Except I don’t care or believe what society says. I want to learn how to be a housewife on every level. I love creating this magic and if not one person sees it I do not care. I don’t know why I am like this, I just am. Maybe it was the pot brownies in home economics in high school. hahahahaha!!!  Just kidding. I think washing windows is magic. I am called many names because of my thinking. It is frustrating and hurtful but I am learning to just accept myself more and more very single year. I learned to stop giving people the finger after they give their snide comment and walked away. Exhaustion of trying to get them to understand – I would rather put my energy to better use. ”


If you would rather close your eyes and pretend that none of this is going on and read bubble gummy posts, you have the wrong site. I see this every day. There is a huge lack of judgement out there and they say that it is spiritual. Hey! It isn’t. There is no discernment as to what is real or what is anything. This is what happens in the Western world of homogenization. Anyone that has a red dot on their forehead is a Swami. If you only knew the truth.


A friend of mine just graduated from Mount Madonna in California with a Masters degree in Ayurveda (that was 24 weekends just fyi, with no prior education) and she writes to me that she doesn’t know anything about Ayurveda. She at least has the discernment and the courage to state the truth. I can’t say that about the others out there.

The knowledge is not there and people, you are just going to harm others, that is all.

Why is it that everyone wants to be a healer or spiritual and then thinks they can do it just by doing a watered down course?

What it states to me is pretty obvious. An old adage, “When people are on the down and out is the time they turn to god. When everything is going well, god is the first one to be thrown under the bus.”

Despair is the opposite of hope. They are the opposite poles, the opposite side of the same coin. With hope comes despair. Always. Inseperable.

Apply that logic to everyone wanting to be spiritual or a healer? You take it from there.


In Ayurveda what is taught in the West, if you follow the diet plans they provide because that is all they know, you will harm yourself. An anti pitta diet means your eating foods that bring down pitta, these foods will destroy the digestive system. Anti vata will destroy the prana, anti kapha the immune system. Follow what they say is going on with the seasons and you will create disease as pitta is not high in the summer. Water and fire make pitta and the first part of summer is dry. The mid point of summer is the driest time of the year,  pitta cannot be high because there is no water in the season. Yet because you know nothing of Ayurveda, it sounds good and you eat it up.

A yoga teacher with 200 hrs training. Don’t need to say anything more than that.

And as an example above, a mother who is traumatizing her child to be a healer? WTF. How obtuse are we? Really?




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