So you think your spiritual and into oneness

Is not the Oneness Movement just as much of a consumption as everything else. You are not okay as you are, therefore you must consume, gotta fix yourself because your so broken. Brothers, sisters, you are are the problem and your missing the entire point.

One will spend $4000 – $5000 on your completely bogus yoga teacher trainings and workshops for ones own selfish consumption while pretending they make you spiritual? No book is gonna change your view if the same lifestyle of consuming and trying to be something you are not continues.

Doing one certification course after another or weekend workshops does not educate in any way that is in integrity to being a teacher of anything, what is education? Why is their a need to fix oneself?

Spending $4 on a chai latte that is neither a real chai nor is it in a consumable quantity that is healthy for you…..

The $15 fake ghee that is refrigerated at Whole Paycheck (wholefoods)…….

The suport of the corporations touting the newest outrageous supplementation with the latest fad gojiberry maca yucca drinks……. what about the farmers that are actually growing the stuff as well as the environment and the proper use of these substances?

Those new Lululemon pants $150 – $200 that actually only cost about $5 and supporting big consumption corporations due to how fashionable spirituality is these days?….

Think of the consumption you do everyday because you are so into being“conscious and spiritual”.

Also think about how your identification with all of the material world of fixing yourself is nothing more than your disease….

watch this!!!!!!!!!!!

and see the results of our consumption.

and then this because we were even knowing of all of what was going on back in the early eighties but didn’t care enough to do $h17 about it then either.
and you think there is a evolution in consciousness? Really?

2 thoughts on “So you think your spiritual and into oneness

  1. Hi …. interesting video …. the earth, the cosmos so beautiful ….. too bad the “He” god demanded that the human species go and multiply so he can have such dominion ….. just seems to me there are …. yes among what followed …. too many people born out of the unconscious and out of the male ego. To your question ….I know it seems as if I don’t like men …. but of course not true …men are wonderful ….its just when they think they are the ego god … which is given to them by the permission of “religion” ….that little children are produced without any consciousness …. Just saw a bit of the documentary out of North Korea ….. how horrible to see orphaned children just abandoned …. and this is true in Brazil and all over …. so perhaps we are just part of a system that is just not working …….. Are you returning to US soon??? I am leaving tomorrow for Arizona to visit my sister and her husband who is ailing …. We have some rain forecast for Thursday and Friday ….. so grateful for that …. the plum blossom trees are out now …. smell so sweet … but in the past, it does usually rain about this time, so hope it really does. I know that seeing the Earth in this condition is such a sorrow …. that is the price one pays for being awake and understanding…sorrow is present. The photos don’t lie, and are difficult to look at when one sees the insanity. c Carol Chandlee

    • Yes, Carol. The earth and the cosmos is so beautiful. The video is incredible isn’t it?

      I must comment Carol about your female chauvinistic view…. personally god (brahma) has no gender, the devas and devis… of course do. In my eyes, using the word him is refrain to the judeo-christian world. Of which i do not believe or belong. Yes, they have shaped the western culture with their intoxication and blindness and fear but what do you expect, it is America and as the video you just watched shows, with its consumption by women and men of greed and laziness and hoarding and ego (identification), not male ego…. not anything to do with just men, it is women just as much. Man is supposed to provide is what has been taught to every man in this sick culture, and you are blaming men for trying to do just that? You are creating animosity due to a culture that you help create everyday in the perpetuation of its ignorance…… are you helping it be showing the truth or just criticizing men due to your own issues? I ask myself the same question all of time as i post these blogs. If the post s about my own issues i don’t hit the publish button. If it is about the world and what is going on out there, then only do i post it and also do i believe that what I am posting is helpful? I would rather slap someone across the face to wake them out of their hysterical ignorance (as per Ayurveda), than coddle and tell them how great we all are, yea team!, while i perpetuate the same crap that is on the video. As you can see from the video, we are screwed and it is too late and man is to selfish and self centered.

      In your way of looking at things i would ask you to go one step further and add women into your male stuff or change your word from male to power. Or better yet just read the book “Stiffed” by Susan Faludi. Remember her? She was the head of the Woman’s Rights Movement? I recommended it to you several years ago also but you didn’t read it then either.
      I know a huge amount of women that are just as much unconscious as men. I do not see this categorization even in existence anymore. To make this into a sexist thing is like very 60s. I believe the world is pretty much past that or at least America is. Where is permission of religion, whatever that is, where is that in America? Don’t talk about other religions of the world where you have never been and never had any experience of the people or the culture. That would be just very very ignorant, but very american, to do. Where in America is this of what you are talking about?

      Yes, the system of human beings is not working. We are a disease to the earth and the ego, not the male ego but the ego of humans is killing our entire species. The planet will survive no problem. We will not. That is already written.
      Even this video is pretty pathetic in its own ignorance that even all the stuff at the end of the video to build a little hope so you don’t do yourself in right after watching it, even all of that stuff is just perpetuating the consumption problem. You cannot just try to find better ways to consume the same. That is insanity. That is our human race. So advanced so intelligent huh?
      We just blame others, that is it.

      I must also point out the duality of your frozen trauma of the 60’s. As much as you are blaming men and the entire male domination thing, it is a scenario only of a mind in duality and that isn’t what Adhyashanti is teaching you is it. Lol. 🙂 How is that working for you. Really well i see.

      See, there is no way out of duality on the level of a human life in material form on this plane. Material is dual. You must make choice and judgement to live. that is duality. Male vs female is a duality. Opposites. and as much as you are pretending to be nondual in your training, your trauma is all of dual nature. Sorry, no oneness there. You can’t have a nondual existence with dual perceptions.

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