What you don’t know about detoxing that is extremely dangerous to your health

Over the past 15 years i have watched the health world explode. I have watched everyone and their mothers (literally) become detox and diet fiends (personal coaches and yoga teachers as well). I have watch so many people take a few weekends course and then start their own detox business. It has become so popular and from a higher view with knowledge of a little bit more than a few weeks course, it is extremely obvious to see the damage that is going on out there. Every yoga magazine has diet and detox articles. Hey ya all, wake up, that ain’t yoga. The health magazines have it too as well as all the cool e-web-zines. Wake up people, just because something is popular does not mean it is healthy, just because they say it is healthy definitely doesn’t make it healthy. Remember soy products?

Here is why:

There is no way of diagnosing anything in this new age raw juicing detoxing stuff. Anyone that has read a book is doing it and the businesses out there are ran mainly by people that have just done certifications with these other individuals that have made a name for themselves. You just do the stuff. Read a book. I can name several by doctors that have written books that claim to be the top names and best known detox doctors. Nothing at all for diagnosis of why someone should be doing this stuff. It is harmless right? Wrong!!!!

First off. The season that certain things can be cleansed in is important. Analogy: Water in cold temperature turns to ice and is in a solid state, it does not move. Too dry, to wet, to hot.. all of these happen in the body as well as the environment. I know this is a concept that is hard to grasp but it is how nature and our bodies work.

There is also the state of the body of the person and the state of the disease as well in the same context as above.

I would use a zit here for the perfect example. Someone will get zits in the late summer and autumn of one kind, another kind in the early summer and another kind in the winter. This is all due to seasonal changes.

Then on top of this, the person’s own imbalance may make them have any one of those three types at different times of the year out of the natural flow.

and then the most important part of understanding this all….  if you were to have a zit that is under the skin and you go and try to burst it and excise it, you will actually create a huge scar and will create a deeper state of disease if it did not have a chance to ripen. Much like trying to get juice out of green lemon. You will destroy the lemon and get no juice as you will do the same thing to the human being trying to cleanse at the wrong time of year and the wrong state of the development of the disease. In english, there is a time to cleanse the body dependent upon what is going on with the perosn individually. A time of the season that is correct to cleanse for that persons individual situation as well as times to not as it will only bring disease. Then there is techniques specific to cleansing for those specific things as well.

Lets make it even more complicated…On top of this there is major complexity to the strength of the person themselves. Are they weak, medium or strong and what are those? There is also the state of mind in the same way that will throw off the diagnosis of the strength of the body of the individual. It is nothing at all like if someone has a body builder or triathlete body they are strong. Actually this people might have the weakest of all bodies. How to diagnose this, well… you don’t. You find someone that does this after years of proper education.

There is the level of how strong the cleansing is that is being applied to the person too. What is the strength of the herbs, techniques etc…..

How much cleansing has to happen is another. If to much cleansing happens it destroys the health and life, not enough and you now have awoken a dangerous monster and have let it out of its cage to travel from its sedentary and possibly passive place in the body to travel and settle in a new place in the body and create a new disease, block channels, cause havoc and suffering. Both to much and to little are extremely dangerous. None of this is known to the Western have everyone do a detox because it is cool cool world. Whats more is that there is no research proving any of the Western detoxing works. None. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jhn.12286/full

Here is another little detail…. different herbs and techniques are used in different times of the year. For an example taking Tulasi, Holy Basil, at one time of the year will have one effect while at another time of year it will have another effect on the same person. This is actually one of the reasons why Ayurveda cannot be researched by Western research methods as the Western research methods are highly limited in their understanding and approach.

Different herbs have different strengths although they do the same actions to the body. Take a purgative for an example. Some substances do a stronger purgation like castor oil where as milk is a light purgative. When would you use each and who should use and why. This is totally unknown and unseen to the western world of detox with its generic liver cleanses and other one size fits all look at detoxing. Is your health and life as valuable to you as a $20 book and $200 spent on ingredients and a blender or juicer?

Speaking of juicing and smoothies, even in Western physiology salivary amylase is secreted during the chewing of your food and what mixes into the food to form a bolus as well as that digestive enzyme is the first part of digestion. In Western nutrition it is needed for the rest of the digestive process to happen correctly so where did that information go in the juicing and smoothie craze?

No education, cheap short certifications if even that (most people doing the cleansing businesses don’t even have an education, just reading popular books, big time damage to your health. Is it really worth your health?

I have seen only depletion of tissues and health in people that are doing detoxes regularly. I have watched several people go from a starting point of having a simple food allergy and being put on a cleanse by doctors to spiraling downward to the point being diagnosed with lyme disease and other not understood diseases years later. Their lives get wrecked and families and in my diagnostic eyes, it is only due to the popular diets and detoxes.

In my 25 years and multi view education, I would say the best and healthiest cleanse you can do is to get all the popular magazines and stuff promoting health out of your life and just eat a balanced diet in moderation without clogging your mind with all those new health trends and sales. Also detoxify your system from all those, “a little bit isn’t going to hurt” things that we do all the time. Changing the diet also has a huge unhealthy impact on the body. More on that in another post.


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