It is a different language. I wish I could share. I wish i could translate. but it is a different paradigm. Maybe this might explain. If someone wants to learn french they can not learn it by translating all the french into english. You need to learn french by learning french to learn french. This is the utmost problem with all of this. This and…. the American mind is extremely arrogant and ignorant. It is what is called very rajasic and tamasic. For some reason we think that we know everything and are right about everything. Mainly our science. We rely heavily on it but for some reason are blind to it being so ever coming up with new research that disproves what was once proved. The underlying template is broken.

For some reason the belief is that science is discovering new stuff and that is why it disproves the old because it is better. Not. It will continue to do the same thing, over and over.

Forget about all the other stuff I am studying for a moment.

To see this and see the suffering that people are in and continue to put themselves thru for reasons of not knowing anything else, since it is the paradigm and then because they have been brainwashed that the western medicine and western way is the best. Sadly it is not and is hardly anywhere near the top of the list of ways. But one can only know this by being out of the paradigm.


The research articles by western methods, which is not how ayurveda works, proving ayurvedic herbs and treatments.

and also articles publish in pub med



We take this stuff and compartmentalize it and take it apart to study the parts and build empirical evidence to prove its working. This in itself is a western paradigm and not how any holistic paradigm can be judged by. it will not work. So the cards are stacked against ayurveda from the get go because the western world thinks it is the best and everything needs to be proven by their empirical scientific methods.

Read these articles on research methods for ayurveda:


I say, empirically show me proof you have a mind. Can’t. Empirically show me that you actually exist. Can’t there is no you. So the whole thing is flawed from the get go. Western paradigm.

No spirituality exists in the western paradigm, no matter how superficially we try, it is absent completely. Which is why there is a draw to ancient traditions from other cultures but we can’t even do that right either for the same reasons of the very first thing I wrote about french. Instead we have people that don’t actually know the stuff that make themselves look like they do (for fame and popularity and money, like the jerks who did The Secret) and they wrote horrible books that are so wrong and watered down and from a western paradigm and not the paradigm that all the ancient knowledge comes from. Which is why it fails and turns into the mascarade that it has i.e. see yoga, buddhism, tantra, advaita (well they can’t even pronounce it much less understand it from the actual texts so they bastardize it and call it oneness without the science behind it, so it is anything someone wants it to be, a crutch for their being stuck exactly where they are and staying in the western paradigm of “I don’t have time to actually live, i gotta work and this and that”. )


Okay, so then to see this……. ouch. To watch people continue to just head downwards spiraling. Ouch. That sucks. To then see people pretending to be etchers and healers when they have only a 200 hr yoga certificate or 2 hr reiki class for $350 or a 2 week course in Africa with a shaman…. and then they set out hanging up a sign pretending they know something and spreading their ignorance. Ouch. People are suffering. It adds to the darkness. Like healing people is that easy, that simple. Hit a stick to the ground and say something about someones spirit world and the masses of ignorants believe you. It is a sham. (that is a so called shaman i know. with a two week course under her belt)

So I am not bitching and being judgmental, this IS what is going on out there.

Not much better here actually.

But at least there is something of substance under it all here.


Then to hear story after story of this suffering going on WHEN YOU HAVE AN OBVIOUS SOLUTION to it that is ages old and time tested and infallible when done properly……… ugh

because the Western world of medicine won’t have it. It maintains that Ayurveda is an occult science and keeps on trying to keep it down like it did to Chinese medicine 20 years ago.


All of this sucks.


Then on top of it, the state of Ayurveda in america is beyond horrific. No programs there come close to meeting the minimum standards that the WHO has put forth as the minimum to practice safely and ethically. America seems to think that Ayurveda is harmless and is so simple that anyone can simply learn it is just 24 weekends for a masters degree.


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