The difference

As I am sitting down at my teachers side, discussing a sloka out of an ancient text, there is this glimmer in his eye. The passion and reverence that he has for Sanskrit, for Ayurveda, we share. The depth of his knowledge allows for such an insight to the meanings and the hidden verses inside the verse, I could only share the superficial level of that reverence for the knowledge at the level that I see from.
This knowledge is so vast, so deep. Every verse can be broken down and a dissertation written upon it.
To be able to see a glimpse of it, to experience it, there is only one way. You must actually learn it through living it. You must have a teacher that knows and has studied as well as lived the culture, the paradigm that it comes from.

What is the use of learning if it is just more superficial knowledge? Non of the Vedic vidyas are of the level that you take a workshop on them and you can know anything much less be a teacher of them. You cannot learn them from a book yourself as all the translations into English are horribly wrong in so many ways.

But one would only know this if they had a teacher of the level to see this.

That alone states the level of what is being handed around out there. Where is the reverence?


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