What happens if i do not follow dietary regulations

I think this is a fitting post for the time of year and the vast abandonment of any buddhi (intellect), dritti (fortitude), and smritti (memory) and the great prajnaparadha (crimes against wisdom) that happens during the holidays in the adharmic world.

Indigestion happens first. Then if not dealt with, it complicates to other diseases.

What is indigestion?

Most people would not even notice if they had indigestion for several reasons. First we have no nerves in out guts. Just for proper understanding, if you have ulcers, well….. you have had them a long time till they have got to the point of actually burning thru the gut wall. It is only then that you have pain. Wow.

Most people are so used to feeling nothing below their tongue that they have no idea what a meal should feel like or does feel like except on Thanksgiving where they gorge themselves beyond what is anywhere near digestible and it just sits there and cannot in anyway digest. Then they continue eating on top of it the next day although it still has not digested and you wanna go on a diet to lose weight? Really?


#1 rule, only eat when you are actually hungry. (That begs the question, what is that?)
If there is no flame, the pot of water on the stove just sits there cold. Pretty obvious huh?


In my experience, with almost every client/patient I have work with, their is a disbelief that happens when they first discover what digestion and health does and should feel like. Not because someone tells you to eat something because it is good for you, that is the slow train to hell, But when you really start to FEEL AND understand the reasons why as well. I am sad to let you know, most of what is out there in the mass marketed internet highway of pop health articles are really garbage and not good for you at all. In fact, if you want to comment with questions as to why different things are destructive to health or not, ask away.  Doing all the new and cool stuff will lead you away from health but that is another post to explain why. This one is about Ama.


Indigestion produces Ama.

Yes, if you are not digesting your meals they are just toxicity to your system.

If your system is not digesting, assimilating, and excreting properly everything is becoming toxicity in your system.

If you do a cleanse, this will most likely disrupt your vata even more than it is and your digestion will get even more messed up.

so what to do?



The 2 Manifestations of Excessive Ama:

1) Visusika: .“amadosa.” is padded by vomiting and or diarrhea, accompanied by other symptoms described under .“signs of food taken in excessive amount.”.
– Charaka Samhita Vimanasthana 2#11-12

2) Alasaka: indigestion symptoms accompanied by constipation.

Etiology: food + drinks taken by the weak, one with poor digestion and abundant K , who suppresses urges of flatus, urine, and feces, and takes solid, heavy, excessively rough, cold and dry food;

Pathology: the excess ingested food gets pressed by V, and their passage being blocked by K and also due to excessively accumulated excreta does not tend to come out;

Symptoms: then they exhibit excessively the symptoms of Ama except vomiting and diarrhoea.

Complications: Aggravated doshas, blocked by Ama, may move obliquely, and stiffen the whole body (this is called Dandalasaka, and is incurable).
Charaka Samhita Vimanasthana 2#12



Treatment of Ama (the Curable Cases):

If the Ama Is Stagnant:

1) eliminate w/ emesis of hot saline water. ************** (this shows a very important correlation to yoga’s shatkarma “kunjal kriya” which is what has been just stated to do and to which that I have written about before. The shatkarmas in yoga are for someone that is IN HEALTH, NOT DISEASED. Compare this to the much more deeper and detailed level of purification that happens with Vamana in Ayurveda. What was just mentioned is the easiest level of vamana and at the same time is nothing more than kunjal kriya in yoga)

2) Then application of fomentation and suppository, keeping on


In Visusika:

1) reducing measures first.

2) Then management like after purgation (gradual mild diet of liquid kongee to solid over time)

This is due to the vomiting/diarrhea reducing the strength of digestive Agni.

In condition of over-vitiated ama during meal-time in spite of the previous meal having been digested if the stomach is still coated with doshas:

The stomach will be cold and heavy, and there will be aversion to food.


In this case:

Drugs should be administered to do dipaka/pachaka (digestion of the remnant doshas and kindling of Agni).

Never eat during indigestion. 

Management of Ama, and it.’s disorders: de-saturating therapy.

“If, after de-saturating therapy, disease due to Ama is still present, therapy should address the disease itself..”


When the patient is:

1) relieved of the over-effection of Ama,

And 2) his morbidity has been digested,

And 3) digestion is stimulated,

Then he should be 4) managed with massage, non-unctuous and unctuous enema, and intake of uncting substance.

Agni weakened by over-vitiation of ama is not capable of digesting the derangement, drug and food simultaneously.

Over and above, the “course of fail” of over-vitiated ama, food and drug, due to over-strength, falls down suddenly the patient who is weak and has lowered agni.

“If the disorder continues further, one should adopt appropriate measure contrary to the disease, leaving aside the treatments contrary to etiology, for the control of disease in which de-saturation therapy has already been done..”

All of the above – Charaka Samhita Vimanasthana 2#13




Amavisa: Toxaemia (Poisoning) Due to Ama:

This condition occurs when a person habitually takes antagonistic food, meals when the previous meal is not digested, and meals during indigestion.

It produces symptoms like poisoning.

It is a difficult to treat condition because of it’s emergent nature and contradictory management.
– Charaka Samhita Vimanasthana 2#12



And you think that you just got food poisoning, huh? Think again. You created it yourself. Can you see it now?


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