Vinasha Kale Viprita Buddhi

This saying literally means during the time of our destruction, we go against our intelligence

Near the time of death our intellect compromises. It is to be seen as a sign or lakshana of what is to come.

strange and perverse ideas/senses strike in the hours of total ruin

Another beautiful analogy is brought to mind from my teacher.

This verse can be compared to the simple ghee candle. It is like a leaf shape saucer and the wick lays halfway in the oil and the lit part lays over the brim of the saucer. As it reaches the point where there is very little oil left, the flame burns much much higher…… and then it burns out. One will burn really hot right before they burn out. The rajas of mind.

This made me think whether us, the modern world truly does not have any control over the events in life and how we react to them? Each one of us may have experienced that at times, whatever decisions we made went wrong and whatever actions followed brought negative results. We have given lot of deliberations to our decisions but each one turned out to bring loss and failure. It is at such times we will have questioned our own intellect and decisions as well as have lost confidence and clarity. So what really happens at such times? Are our destiny or fate or prarabda karmas stronger than our presence of mind?

It seems to me, from my outside view of the world, that values, ethics, morality, and dharma are all being tossed for the self aggrandizement of the modern culture. This can be seen in all of the ancient cultures of greeks and romans right before they fell. On one side, I have a foot into the “spiritual world” of america where there is a huge belief in the evolution of consciousness going on right now in this time more than ever in the entirety of the cosmos. I personally see that those people are extremely deluded and should get out more. I mean out of their country and into another part of the world that is not in support of their world and see just how much evolution is really happening. It is not happening all over the world guys, sorry. Just in your front yard. Thats all.

Also all the certificate courses that make you a professional this or that just with in hours. Say two for reiki. Yeah, two. What a joke. Where is integrity of those so called spiritual people. Now they are teachers. Really. This is what the spiritual world of the west is made of. I could make a list miles long of all the people that I know that have done a two week course in Shamanism and are now out there calling themselves a shaman and many other professions just like this. What is going on? Craziness.

To add to this list, there was a large group of very special people (at least they thought they were special) who were supposed to ascend (the ascension) to another plane on dec 21st. What happened guys? Bus ran out of gas before it got to ya? Anyone can clearly see the amount of ego and delusion that was there.

But I don’t make fun of them as my point is more to the time that we are all in. This is the theme over all, over everywhere. Lots of hopelessness, pretending. More than I have personally ever seen before in my life. And it all is growing, not evolution, identification and attachment to being spiritual or better than others.

The world is a very interesting place when you don’t go around it as a tourist but actually spend time in the cultures of the world. It is like seeing the Oz behind the green curtain. All the smoke and mirrors drop and you see who is really pushing the buttons and pulling the levers. It is sobering.

There are criminal minds that have lost all awareness and indulged in murders (Lululemon), rapes (Bikram) and immoral acts. These are people who feel no regret or remorse (sociopaths) and justify their acts with excuses. There are also normal people who have acted on impulse or driven to doing wrong on a single moment and have regretted their actions later, whatever actions that have followed have further led them to degradation and self destruction. Would these people have done these actions due to misguided notion or lack of awareness or it is their fate that is responsible for their actions?

What makes a person lose all awareness and forget all moral values. Look at the number of pedophiles, fathers/brothers indulging in incest, forced homosexual acts, kidnapping of innocent children for ulterior motives, affluent children indulging in thefts for kicks, drugs and other substance abuse and rapes within closed doors. It has nothing to do with creed, status, or education. It has to do with power. Actually, the newest research shows that a more affluent person is more likely to commit crime out of  entitlement. The more money you have the less morals and ethics you have across the board. The entire world is more about money than anything else these days. Are we turning into a sociopathic world?

In mythology, Ravana who was a highly learned man and well versed in righteousness committed all the wrong actions when time came and that eventually led to his downfall and death. Yudhishthira, the epitome of dharma, could not control his gambling habits and even pledged his wife on the stake. So what does explain the blindness that takes over a human being when he is lured into pragnaaparadha and committing immoral and inhuman acts and loses all his awareness.

How can some one set out to cheat and then live with themselves in a knowledge of their cheating, very low  self esteem. It is a vicious circle that they have created for themselves. This also speaks to the Western world of self help and why the yoga world is a multi billion dollar industry today. While one might think it is a wonderful thing that yoga is spreading out there like wild fire out of control, I ask you this……. what is actually being taught?

Is it ones Prarabhda karma, or their destiny or their fate that lures them into the vortex of crime and degradation on whatever level? Lying is lying, no matter what you tell yourself.


I would personally love to live in a world where it is not normal to cry in a movie when someone does something that is courageous or noble or a sacrifice of them self for the greater good. If you understand psychology, it is only because we as a world culture, we lack that courage or nobility and to see it makes us respond with tears of inspiration. Say volumes.




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