Another Ladoo recipe

Wonderful bone building ladoo

1:4 ratio of sugar and wheat


Ladoos (about 15 pieces):


1 cup whole wheat flour  –  dry roasted

½ cup nuts (mixture of nuts ex cashews, almonds, walnuts, filberts) – dry roasted

(can also be roasted in little ghee)

1 tsp Goond (edible resin) –  dry roasted

½ cup sugar – fine grinded

½ tsp cardamom – fine grinded

½ tsp ginger powder


Let roasted flour cool down. Than mix all ingredients together and add ghee and mix with hands. (no moist hands!) no water to prevent mold.


Great for traveling- balances vayu

On the side- grind sugar

add edible gum can be foung in Indian Grocer for sure (dry roast and grind)-

1 tbsp., shunthi

Great after pregnancy: Gum helps uterus to contract (healing property) and the heat in sunthi helps to digest it


3 thoughts on “Another Ladoo recipe

    • Best is not peanuts but they are fine. All nuts are sweet first. Ground nuts are not heating. I know western Ayurveda says they are but it must only be western peanuts then. 😉

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