What is life really about?

What is life about?

Someone asked in a message that was written to me…….

“If you can help people a little bit one suggestion at a time or one treatment at a time or one bodywork session at a time or one deeply heartfelt meaningful presence at a time, that isn’t that what life is about? ”

 This question is actually quite a profound question and is only answerable from the perspective of one’s own level and awareness of consciousness.

I apologize ahead of time for the wikipedia links but it has the easiest explanations for some information, not always correct but……

Life is needing to be defined here first.

Is life just experience, your experience? If it is only that then it would be quite easy to have the life you want as to just tweak your perspective of your experience. This example shows the very egocentric vantage point of our lives that we tend to only experience. I will say it again later but Time is the only thing that creates experience. And there is a lot in what makes that up. It takes on a qualitative nature of descriptors or signifiers, it creates description; sound, color, etc., which lead to emotion, manifestation, belief, and experience.

Life is consciousness. Everything is alive. Life is time. The entire cosmos pulsates to a rhythm with you (or wants to) and without you (as most of us) as you will soon learn. Yoga exists within this realm to which why i write the posts i do stating that what is being performed out there has nothing to do with Yoga. i.e. 12 steps to the sun salutation with the sounds of the bijas or the complete mantras for the names of the sun in each constellation as the sun changes his energy like a different personality or a different face of god. It flows with the energy of sound, the mantras. The breath. The entire physical body in great details that you would absolutely be stupefied by if you realized the connection to the cosmos and the steps and the asanas to where the sun is directionally from the earth and its path through the sky. It is all a beautifully choreographed dance. Unless of course you interrupt it with your own ideas of a flow class or what you have been taught in the pop yoga world and then it loses all meaning and the results.

Life is defined by your birth and your death. What exists in between those. There is more to anyone that has a larger experience of existence but this is the lowest level of existence, one life, selfishness and egocentricity, suffering, greed, all based in fear and all that comes from a survival based perspective of existence and fear of mortality. It is animalistic and nothing more, ever. I would call it subhuman as I see the “extraordinary” very ordinary potential, birth right, if i may, of a human being that chooses to live above this consciousness.

What is birth and why does it take place? We superficially say that we are a soul in a body but why are we here? Why were we born? And then we create meanings from our own learned environment and experiences of it to answer these. Maybe there is something else though?

Understanding Jyotish and seeing a human’s chart gives the perspective of god on that human’s life. To see that they are an individual with their own struggles, own way of perceiving, and own karma all different from every other human being on this planet allows one to also see that there is choice that allows one that free will of “choice” to be more than an animal. Animals have no choice but to be violent. Humans do. There is no good or bad in an animals existence. Only when we step up to a human birth we see responsibility to do what is consciously correct or good, due to dharma. Responsibility, conscious choice, to be more than an animal and rise to the level of being a human. We can take this further to see that the whole existence is nothing more than the experience and evolution of the human soul through many lifetimes to enlightenment, to ultimate knowledge of reality.

But look around, most do not make that “correct choice” due to living only a level of self survival. This only maintains a material world of consumption, nothing higher. No matter how you package it in seasonal yoga fashions clothing and yoga mats and new workshops and training certificates or how many buddha statues you collect and put around your house and entry way.

Now let’s look at time. Our Gregorian calendar is completely wrong. Maybe you didn’t know. This, your paradigm, is the way you perceive time. The west is completely sun based. Solar based. Fire based. Only one, externalized driven and aggressive based perspective of time. The sun is the Father, the sun is passive Purusha, the Soul, Atma. Without Shakti, the moon, the mother, there is no creation. You may remember this from the birthday post I had made previously where you learned your birthday wasn’t your actual birthday but from wrong calendar date Western point of view that is only based on the sun’s position. We live our life by that wrong time. We also eat when it is time as per a clock on the wrist or wall or when we are given a break to rather than when the body is ready to eat. All of it shows our consciousness and our knowledge (or lack of).

Time is an interval. The mind is what defines it as the mind exists only in past and future and is never in any present state due to its natural function. This interval then is creating what is present time, which many will only say is an illusion. But everything manifest is under the rule of Mahakala.

All the ancient ways and systems or whatever you want to call them, correlate back to this very thing…. time. Ancient cultures such as Incan, Mayan,Hopi, and other Native American Tribes, plus the Babylonians, Greeks, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and others have a concept of a wheel of time, that regards time as cyclical and quantic consisting of repeating ages that happen to every being of the Universe between birth and extinction.

The Kālachakra tradition revolves around the concept of time- kala and cycles-chakra: from the cycles of the planets, to the cycles of human breathing, it teaches the practice of working with the most subtle energies within one’s body on the path to enlightenment. The phrase “as it is outside, so it is within the body” is from the Kālachakra tantra to emphasize the similarities and correspondence between human beings and the cosmos; this concept is the basis for Kālachakra astrology but also for more profound connections and interdependence as taught in the Kālachakra literature. The Kālachakra astrological system is one of the main building blocks in the composition of Tibetan astrological calendars. The astrology in the Kālachakra employs complicated astronomical calculations to determine, for example, the exact location of the planets.

There are 15 respirations per minute as per yoga. The heart beat is the original unit of measurement that the second is based on. It was what was when all of this beautiful knowledge was created is definitely not today where we are extremely diseased and disconnected as the norm or average value or reference point that is used.

Respiration in summer are increased and winter are decreased. This connects with the notion of the longer days and shorter days of light. Another connection is the prana moves through your body as per the placement of the moon in what constellation. And all of this is extremely superficial compared to the detail thats there in the direction of the breath through what nostril is connected to the energy and how it is flowing or not in your system with the elements and the chakras and connected to the planets. But who has this knowledge of the detail rather than me just writing pieces of it? Who has the sensitivity to live in that knowledge. The Western lifestyle does not allow it.

But lets get bigger instead of smaller.

That which begins with respirations (prana) is called real…. Six respirations make a vinadi, sixty of these a nadi;
And sixty nadis make a sidereal day and night. Of thirty of these sidereal days is composed a month; a civil (savana) month consists of as many sunrises;
A lunar month, of as many lunar days (tithi); a solar (saura) month is determined by the entrance of the sun into a sign of the zodiac; twelve months make a year. This is called a day of the devas.
The day and night of the devas and of the rakshas are mutually opposed to one another. Six times sixty of them are a year of the devas, and likewise of the rakshas.
Twelve thousand of these divine years are denominated a caturyuga; of ten thousand times four hundred and thirty-two solar years
Is composed that caturyuga, with its dawn and twilight. The difference of the krtayuga and the other yugas, as measured by the difference in the number of the feet of Virtue in each, is as follows:
The tenth part of a caturyuga, multiplied successively by four, three, two, and one, gives the length of the krta and the other yugas: the sixth part of each belongs to its dawn and twilight.
One and seventy caturyugas make a manu; at its end is a twilight which has the number of years of a krtayuga, and which is a deluge.
In a kalpa are reckoned fourteen manus with their respective twilights; at the commencement of the kalpa is a fifteenth dawn, having the length of a krtayuga.
The kalpa, thus composed of a thousand caturyugas, and which brings about the destruction of all that exists, is a day of Brahma; his night is of the same length.
His extreme age is a hundred, according to this valuation of a day and a night. The half of his life is past; of the remainder, this is the first kalpa.
And of this kalpa, six manus are past, with their respective twilights; and of the Manu son of Vivasvant, twenty-seven caturyugas are past;
Of the present, the twenty-eighth, caturyuga, this krtayuga is past….

When computed, this astronomical time cycle would give the following results:
The average length of the tropical year as 365.2421756 days, which is only 1.4 seconds shorter than the modern value of 365.2421904 days. This estimate remained the most accurate approximation for the length of the tropical year anywhere in the world for at least another six centuries, until Muslim mathematician Omar Khavyam gave a better approximation, though it still remains more accurate than the value given by the modern Gregorian calendar currently in use around the world, which gives the average length of the year as 365.2425 days.

The average length of the siderial year, the actual length of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun, as 365.2563627 days, which is virtually the same as the modern value of 365.25636305 days. This remained the most accurate estimate for the length of the sidereal year anywhere in the world for over a thousand years.

The actual astronomical value stated for the sidereal year however, is not as accurate. The length of the sidereal year is stated to be 365.258756 days, which is longer than the modern value by 3 minutes 27 seconds. This is due to the text using a different method for actual astronomical computation, rather than the Hindu cosmological time cycles copied from an earlier texts, and probably because the author didn’t understand how to compute the complex time cycles. The author instead employed a mean notion for the Sun and a constant of precession inferior to that used in the Hindu cosmological time cycles. Westerner science, ugh.


What is time?

So time means a lot, to a lot of different people, it depends on your perspective as you can see, looking at the sun from earth gives the idea that the sun is revolving around the earth with the moon and the other planets.


It shows the earth and what it is like having a solar and lunar calendar. Your birthday is only when the sun comes back to the same constellation and the moon to the same moon phase as the time when you where born. This changes the entire paradigm of time and thought. No, you have actually been celebrating the wrong time you were born since your second birthday. Thank your culture for that. We blindly just live in a container of belief and realities that we have no awareness of even having. Understanding the moon in relation to time also changes what you have been calling celebrations and holidays which lost their meanings generations ago and as you might now understand, even the day your are celebrating anniversaries is actually wrong simply due to a modern culture is lacking depth because there is not enough time in our lifestyle to take things a bit slower and take longer to do things and learn things correctly and with meaning. This is so deep because it is the consciousness that we all are living in. It is what creates the greater consciousness. Think about it, we actually live in a world that changes our clocks forward and back during the year and wake and go to sleep differently to it. 

The moon phases or tithis are the state of the consciousness, the mind, the awareness at certain periods of the month. Hence lunatic during the full moon and the energy of the moon is at the highest. The moon also controls the blood pressure (women’s menses) and this is why there is no asana practice on a full moon in yoga.



There is way more to understand

The entire panchanga


This calendar is a mandala of Time that reshapes your brain to the stellar reality. It is a calendar designed to align us to the solar and lunar motion and it awakens us to the frequencies of the stars and planets moving all around us. The vibrations of it attune us to the Universe. This calendar is generating a conscious awareness of the fabric of time.

The Atharvaveda says that Time is God (Brahman), the father of the Creator (Prajapati). Prajapati created you.

It says that Time produced all existence, the Sun burns in Time, the entire world is in Time, and Time gives the eyes the power to see.

The creation (prakrti) separates from consciousness (purusa) in a moment of Time. Time is a deity who motivates creation. Everything manifest is under the laws of time with a birth, the maintenance and a death. (Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra) Our souls are separated from the supreme and given their own time to exist within. Then the entire creation unfolds and exists because Time turns events in a sequence. Everything that exists or will exist is in Time.

Sound creates notes according to its frequency while light takes on color based on frequency. These frequencies are the number of waves in a portion of time. Therefore, the universe is not just made of sound, but sound frequencies, which are sound regulated by time. Time takes on a qualitative nature such as gunas (fast, slow, balanced), sound, color, etc., which lead to emotion, manifestation, and experience. The deep understanding of this knowledge in detail gives the basis of the knowledge of the science of mantra.

The time of birth indicates a position of planets. This reveals the karma of the individual, therefore showing the circumstances that will arise in life. In the same way, the time of starting a project indicates the circumstances and outcome of that project. The moment of initiation determines the unfoldment of events in an individual’s or organization’s life. The birth chart is just a picture of time. An astrologer is one training to read this time.

And names, names were given as to the nakshatra (fixed star) we were born under. They resonated with that sound (frequency/energy) of the fixed star. This is way out in the cosmos. They are fixed because they do not move, well everything moves, but apperently not in our single small life times as they are very far away and in contrast the constellations are close so they appear to move. Thus our names resonated with much deeper source in the cosmos.

Name of nakshatra – sanskrit alphabet that resonates with that nakshatra. The first bija of your name is connected to your soul. The connection of sound to the physical body and the connection of your soul to the cosmos.


Then there is the understanding of the individual and how the prana flows each day in the universe and then in our own system which is our own energy system and how it is in sync or out of sync with nature. Out of sync causes disease, obviously.

The Sun rules the day and is electrical and warm in nature. The Moon rules the night and is magnetic and cool. The right nostril is solar and the left nostril is lunar. Sun and Moon form the two poles of the day cycle, and correspond to the basic nature of each of the hemispheres and the two nostrils. Of the two forms of energy governing the planet, the Sun is the more constant, going through an energy cycle once every 365 days and never altogether absent during the day. Such is not the case with the Moon, however. Sometimes full and bright in the night sky, at other times not visible at all, the Moon waxes and wanes regularly in a 28 ó day cycle and governs the tides of our oceans. Similarly, the Moon affects that 70 percent of the human body weight which is water. Just as the tides reach their zenith on the night of the Full Moon, so too there is a high tide in the emotional lives of people. When the tides reach their lowest ebb with the coming of the Darkest Night, human emotional power is at its weakest. The human organism is continually seeking to draw from the environment what it needs to maintain an ideal condition of balance or homeostasis. Thus a person’s need for lunar energy increases as the moon wanes and decreases as the moon waxes. The greater need for lunar energy is satisfied by breathing predominantly through the left (lunar) nostril and the diminished need by breathing predominantly through the right (solar) nostril. The cycle of the nostrils begins anew each fortnight with the coming of the Full or Dark Moon nights. Lunar energy peaks on the Full Moon night. The organism, having been exposed to this abundance of lunar energy, compensates by dominant right (solar) nostril breathing for the next three days during the hour following sunrise. Lunar energy reaches its minimum on the Dark Moon night and the organism compensates for this insufficiency with left (lunar) nostril dominance for the next three days during the hour following sunrise. These two celestial events mark the extremes of energy present on the planet.

This controls more than we know due to the fact that the entire energy system of the body is linked. For millennia yogis have emphasized the enormous importance of various forms of detoxification of the body in the first chakra hour: defecation, then exercise, bathing, self massage, yoga postures and breathing exercises. With the indiscriminate use of electrical light this wisdom has disappeared — to our detriment. The chakras whose rhythms suffer the greatest consequences are the first chakra, the “root support,” and the sixth chakra, the “governor,” which influences the region of the “third eye”. Delay of the process of elimination, due to late rising, is one of the major reasons for first chakra related diseases whether it is constipation or colon cancer. The sixth chakra energizes the pineal gland, the regulator of serotonin, melatonin and dopamine. (At one point in Western history, it was believed that the only function of the pineal gland was at puberty. I wonder why?) The pineal gland is extremely light sensitive. Our forefathers who lived without electricity made utmost use of the light of day: from around thirty minutes before sunrise, when a gentle morning light gradually dawns, till the hour of dusk with its slowly fading daylight. These transitional times provide nourishment for the sixth chakra and the pineal gland. They help to determine the well being of the serotonin/melatonin and dopamine cycles. When we sleep through the sunrise often in a darkened room the pineal gland gets deceived. Even though it senses the dawn, it is not nourished by the gentle gradual increase in shades of light. At sunset when the melatonin cycle ought to begin we deceive the gland by the use of electrical light, often till deep in the night. This is how the pineal gland weakens. Decline in pineal gland activity is known to influence the deep sleep cycle and contributes to overall decrease in health. Since in the deep sleep cycle HGH (human growth hormone) is released, aging is accelerated by a weakened pineal gland. So what does this information show about all the sound healing and nutritional pop stuff out there for the pineal gland?? What does it matter what your doing to awaken your pineal gland if your sleeping in and staying up late with electricity?

and our breath is linked to the cosmos and time, a second was originated from the beat of the heart.

The personal knowledge “that this Sun is Brahman” is gotten by chanting Ajapa Gayatri with “Hamsa Soham.” The power of Shiva and Parvati present in our inhalation and exhalation. The ever joyous Paramatma would set in if, after controlling Prana and Apana by Pranayama, and attaining it (pranayama) by constant and long practice of Pooraka and Rechaka (macro, micro as well as together) and making the mind concentrate on the same Brahman in three stages. That experience is neither Samadhi nor Yoga Sidhi and nor mixing of the mind. That is merging with Brahman.

The sages told that Purusha with the shining light who is beyond darkness, who makes shapes, who names them, who provides for them and who is the brave Purushotama. The one who finds Purusha attains the deathless state in this birth itself. They state there is no other method for salvation.

I am that sun who is the ethereal light. I am that Siva who is that sun of Knowledge. I am the very clean light of Atma. I am all the light that we know. Om.


Sidereal time is actual time as per the movement of the stars

And then just for kicks and to continue to expand the mind watch these…




not to mention the multiverses and your connection to them

Every universe is covered by seven layers — earth, water, fire, air, sky, the total energy and false ego — each ten times greater than the previous one. There are innumerable universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move about like atoms in You. Therefore You are called unlimited (Bhagavata Purana 6.16.37)

So what is life really about?



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