Prana and the mind Part 4 and final

Mercury is deadly if internally taken by itself. (this is
stuff the western world has not one “inkling” of an idea about, we
think that heavy metals are only poisonous and fear them and have
no understanding that everything is medicine as well as poison
depending upon many factors) Mercury that is treated with
sulfur as well as slowly moving prana cure diseases. Mercury
bhasma (ash) and merged pranavayu both revitalize the human being.
Mercury that is solidified by a special processing and pranavayu
bound by kumbhaka bestows the capacity to move through space. At
the end of kumbhaka Prana loses instability. Prana that is merged
in to Brahmarandra bestows long life. Prana blocked between the
eyebrows, for at least two hours, at the black circular spot that
has the letter of the alphabet “ya” residing along side Ishwara,
this bestows the ability to move throughout space. Stability of
mind creates stability of prana, the stability of prana creates the
stability of semen, the stability of semen leads to strength and
stability of the body of course and bestows long life. The five
organs of knowledge are governed by the mind, the mind is govern by
prana, prana is govern by laya and laya is dependent upon nada. The
mind merges into that which it is fixed upon. Here the mind and
prana merge into that which cannot be aimed at or objectified. The
panchamahabhuta and jnanenriya  are eternal since they are
born of ignorance. Prana and ignorance merge into Brahma itself.
  How do you describe something that is indescribable to
the unexeprienced? With all the arrogance/ignorance in the world,
why even bother? As much as most of what is written above will fall
on deaf or non-deserving ears what does saying any more do? While
still reading the blog with your monkey mind. Matt. Thinking you
will get insight that you outwardly use to advance but don’t
comprehend nor live.   While the obscure text in my lap
explains why everything is hid from understanding (nothing written
in sanskrit is written straight forward and obviously like a book
of today’s modern world. No where is true knowledge just an easy
click on the internet. If you were to just read the verses of
Gheranda Samhita or one of the Puranas you may gleam a little of
understanding of what you did not know before (outside of not
having the faintest clue about the cultural implications in all the
texts), but very little you will gleam from them, very very little
and extremely superficial. You might be under the delusion that it
is all just out there for the taking, it isn’t.) within the “4
vedas, 6 shastras, and 18 puranas”  and the texts compares
them to “ordinary women that can be studied by anyone…. the
secrets hidden within are like a wife from a respectable family
that is not exposed to everyones gaze.” So you may think that your
yoga teacher training has taught you something………. Really? All those classes with teachers that just spin postures together without any knowledge of why under some blanket name and theme, are you really that naive to think that they know anything? Really?
Useless information that can be had from any Western book on yoga
and has the depth of a empty bathtub. Sorry, the worldly life
cannot be lived at the same time as the yogic life. Like oil and
water they are opposite paths and what is within the opposite the
light will not be lit and will never open to you without the
fire/tapas that is the only key to advancement in ones development.
Experience only comes with the life and lifestyle lived, the
paradigm. The Western world is not the container to hold that
paradigm at all. It cannot. It is consumer and exploitive/creative
mindset only. Not to mention the arrogance of ones own perspective
of themselves. Secrets such as
the gaze of Shambhavi Mudra is and
what is stated in Gherandha Samhita, are completely
different. What is the difference between Ketchari Mudra and
Shambavi. Not a typo or translation problem, but a misdirect thru
the sanskrit language. Hidden language. And what you have learned
from the mass marketed exercise yoga world is a path that has no
fruit. But may lower your blood pressure a bit and make you feel
calmer, make you physically more flexible until you deplete your
prana to much and disease sets in. Without the why, there is no
knowledge. Without discernment there is no wisdom or progress. Most
practices do nothing more than create more worldly bondage with
their techniques and the getting high with the practice. They make
you feel better about yourself. This is just more attachment. Other
deeper practices (that everyone attests that their’s is but isn’t)
bring fruits but then the knower gets bound by the fruits of the
practices. Others still get bound by their own delusional states in
their own imaginal reasoning. There is only one way to cross over
the ocean of suffering of the worldly existence. Only, one. Notice
the others may give that temporary high. Nothing lasting though.
Drives you nutty and further into seeking, the wrong direction.
Once again, it sure isn’t some weekend workshop, nor an exercise
class that will give this knowledge to you either. Vashishta says
it all. Really, just read. See what you gain. Then read it again.
And again. Maybe if you are lucky, born under the right star, at
the perfect time in your life, the knowledge hidden there will open
to you with the repeated study. “The atma can only be known by
meditation. There is no other way besides this to know atma.” Not
getting high. What is meditation? Who actually meditates? Does a
ten day silent sit qualify as meditation? When to meditate, how to
meditate. What nostril needs to flow or not to meditate. What
direction to face, what placement in the space one occupies? All of
this matters, every detail, and is understood and taught. Just not
to the masses.   There is so much more to write on as
well. What if Ida or Pingala are blocked? Maybe we want them
blocked. Maybe we don’t. What about a deviated septum? How does the
mind function then with this huge dysfunction? What to do about it?
Is there anything that can be done? and the person with a deviated
septum fights for their ignorance saying that it makes no
difference, but how would they know. A fish doesn’t know water.
There is so much that is in the way before the very first step
even…. and the unexperienced or uneducated just relies on that
nondual crutch of that is it all good, or god, or whatever they do
is right, or that it is only my opinion, or a whole slew of pitiful
reactions and rebuttals of their egos not knowing. Because I ask
you, why would it even be bothered to be written about in such a
tedious method if it didn’t matter and it was as easy as you think
it is. Experience is only as pure as the experiencers
capacity/limitation to experience. What do you think we all have
equal perceptions and see the same world? That is a very western
way of thinking. Experience is also seen in the limitations/disease
of the mind. When you eat hamburgers all the time for lunch and
sleep right after…… what results is completely toxic. Results
in heart problems, myoma, lypoma, respiratory disorders, and other
muscle and fat tissue diseases, kapha diseases are the results and
proof. Not to mention the excessively rajasic mind that cannot even
comprehend the depth of its own rajasicness with its tamasic
delusion of grandeur. What is its experience? Certainly self


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