Just a little more on prana, the mind, and yoga Part 3

There are only two reasons for the inclination of
the mind. Samskaras in the form of sentiments and prana. The
destruction of either vasana or pranavayu destroys

As long as the mind is not merged the
vasana is not destroyed and as long as the vasana does not weaken
there is no peace of mind. 


As long as the knowledge of reality
does not dawn the mind is not destroyed. Also there is no knowledge
of reality without peace of mind. There are all really just the
cause of each other. 

As a result of
repeated practices as long as these three do not occur in equal
measure togteher the knowledge of reality is NOT attained even when
one has resorted to several


supporting substratum into which the mind merges, prana merges as
well. and vice


Just like milk and
water mix well together, similarly the mind and prana exhibit the
similar behavior. The mind has an inclination to chakras which vayu
has set in motion. Vayu is incline to chakras to which the mind is
inclined. In all living beings prana and consciousness are

Moksha is in their



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