Follow up on prana and the mind Part 2

Sitting regularly in a proper place in knowing the
technique of exact penetration of the sushumna and after making the
prana entered into it then the prana should be blocked inside the
Brahmarandra. It said that salvation cannot be attained without
merging both the prana in the mind. Here’s the proof that merging
the mind happens by the merger of Toronto. Residing at the place
with the characteristics described on the basis of the methods of
penetrating the Montion on the should be learnt probably from the
guru himself and then after making the value enter into session he
should be blocked to the prom around Blocking of the prana into
sushi I’m not means merger of the prana and this stew merging of
the mind. But she still has said on the merging of the Proneran the
mind there’s a constant state of realization of the self through
Samontee in the form of particular sentiment in the on and then one
is liberated even while living.


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