Prana, the mind, and what is yoga? Is it really as simple as going to an hour exercise class? Part 1

As long as prana is moving outside and the
functioning of the mind too has not stopped, till then how can
there be a possibility of knowledge of reality in that mind. Only
the sadhaka who merges both prana and the mind will attain
salvation and no one else by any other method.  B.G


This is only one
of many many verses that say the exact same thing amongst many many
ancient texts. So simple. So thought


Samadhi is
only attained and accomplished after determining and understanding
samadhi chitta iti. Vayu or prana enters into the sushumna once the
mind and ahamkara attains a state in which there is a constant flow
of vrittis of the form of the object meditated upon. Someone who
has not conquered prana or the mind does not and cannot achieve
this by any means. Sorry ya all. No, that class….. it has not a
thing to do with yoga, no matter how you try to twist and bend it.
(yes, pun


knowledge nor salvation can be attained without the practice of the
prana entering sushumna or in other words balancing of ida and
pingala for sushumna to open then prana entering thusly. As long as
prana is alive or in other words flowing through ida and pingala,
the organs are alive still perceiving their respective sense
objects, and the mind is alive with its various vrittis in the form
of sense objects keep originating in the mind. Stopping the flow of
prana through ida and pingala is the death of prana. Withdrawing
the sense organs from the sense objects is the death of the sense
organs and stopping the vrittis of the form of sense objects is the
death of the mind. As long as the functioning of the prana, sense
organs, and vrittis of the mind do not stop, where is the
possibility of direct experience of the knowledge or in other
words, atma in the antarkarana…… it is certainly and obviously

This means that prana, the sense
organs, and mind are or is obviously prohibitory to


Yoga, that is
real yoga, as opposed to a exercise class that has nothing to do
with this, which is the actual goal of yoga and what the definition
of yoga is, (whew…..) yoga destroys those three aforementioned of
mind, prana, and sense organs by merging prana and the mind. This
is how salvation, moksha, liberation, all those nifty names of the
same are attained. It is actually characterized by the extreme and
total abiding in one’s self. This is the state of the prana after
entering into the brahmarandra and stopping movement, this is the
dissolution of the mind. One who has not merged prana and the mind
cannot attain moksha in any form and no matter the efforts or
means. It is so


mind cannot be controlled by any method of thought.
about this. (pun intended) Therefore the only way to
conquer the mind is by conquering prana.


is the only way to attain that state of oneness (nondualism), as
the texts state. Funny how so many texts state this but yet so many
living people argue with it. And then when you look at the
experience of those arguing, well…….. Those people must know
better. Lets go further with quotes and


attainment of adhyatma yoga the courageous person is not affected
by joy or sorrow. Katha Upan. –


Funny, I
thought this whole yoga thing was all about love, love, love. It is
not? Huh? (scratch head and rub


Not affected by
JOY or Sorrow. That makes you think for a minute, why would one be
reactive to either? Oh, attachment, choice, judgment, perspective of good and
bad, and all kinds of stuff that only exists in “duality”. Huh,
must be like the texts say, nonduality is not attainable by
conventions in which the mind works i.e.

Think it is pretty obvious by now, isn’t


So that “be love”
and “what are you grateful for?” thing is really just more bondage
eh? Another thing to think about. Everything in duality, which is
what we live in like it or not, is by this simple principle…… it
has an opposite just by having name and form. As soon as it is
given name it is given an opposite as well. That opposite, no
matter how hard you try, comes right along with it. Where there is
hope there is despair, where there is love there is hate, etc….
They define each other. This is really simple stuff. You have a
shadow no matter how much light you try to be. In fact, the more
light that you try to be the darker your shadow becomes. Once
again, think about it. How much denial does it



all five sense organs along with the mind become steady in the atma
and functioning of the intellect too is stopped, it is the supreme
state. This steady concentration of the organs is called
“yoga”. Katha Upan. –


like a lamp, when a yogi becomes free from the form of his
own light
and realizes the reality of Brahma as his own
Self, at that time, he becomes free of all bondages by knowing that
unborn Lord free of all impurities. Shve Upan. –


one is just to poignant. Free from the form of ones own




this only by faith, devotion, and meditation.
Kai. Upan. –


the head, neck, and chest high and the body straight and with the
organs engrossed and fixed at the heart through the mind, the
learned one tides over terrible water currents in
the boat of his own Brahma nature. Sve Upan. –


should be constantly meditated upon in the atma – Maha Upan. 24.2
and Mun. Upan. 2.2 –


as the pleasure of enjoyment of a young girl is self experienced,
similarly knowledge of Brahman is also self experienced and it is
the unworthy who does not understand it, just as
the one born blind cannot recognize an earthed pot. Dakshasmritti


learned in all religions or the lazy one, either greatest among the
religious people or the worst among the sinners, a tiger in the
form of a man as well as an impotent one….. all of them cross over
the great ocean of sorrow with the help of yoga.
One desirous of this knowledge of yoga even comes to understand the
shabdabrahma. Mahabharata


yogi with an independent mind who constantly meditates on the atma
in this manner, attains the supreme peace in me. Bhagavad Gita


knowledge that is only attained through yoga and the one
pointedness of mind in me is yoga. – Aditya Purana


realization leads to liberation and self realization is not
possible without yoga and even success in yoga is only
attained after a very long period of practice
. – Skanda


I describe the yoga that is extremely difficult to
by which the supreme soul is seen as a sun. The
fire of yoga burns the endless sins in no time
and from this originates that pleasant knowledge that bestows
salvation. – Kurma


Freedom is attained only through yoga and not by any other means. –




so many more……….


they all say the same, although such a variety of texts they could
be saying a lot of diverse


And they also
remain unread.


these are all texts from different periods of time and various
writers with a variety of paths.  They do not argue different
paths. Instead, that is what happens


And seeing that
this knowledge of yoga comes from these texts, the details of how
and what and why…….in tikas as well. Also the results of the path
being trodden in what is stated, rather than someone’s new idea
that has neither time neither results to show for what they say…..
nor are the lives lived as per given dimensions as per the


Another scratch
of the head and rub of the chin is in order when we look at why
people are walking around acting like they are enlightened from a
few years of that rajasic exercise class they are calling yoga.
Since when does something as spiritual as step class make you
enlightened or even a good


And then the
other question would remain after reading all of this, how to merge
the mind and prana. Guess you will just have to study some
scriptures and get dirty and learn the hard way to find out instead
of doing that new one day a month or 2 week teacher training



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