Just two things but so profound

If you take aahara and vihara that has similar qualities to dosha but opposite qualities of dhatus it will cause srotodusti.

Lifestyle and food which are equal to and increase the qualities of dosha and opposite qualities to the 7 tissues also leads to the vitiation of the channels.


5 thoughts on “Just two things but so profound

    • Bryan. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I will unpack this more. In another post though. Or maybe I will add on in an edit. This is straight from Charaka, Vimanasthana. What do you think it means? It is actually straight forward. Vi chpt 5 -23. Look it up and see what you understand of it.

    • Big cue on reading Charaka, what is the scope of the chapter? What is the scope of the sthana? It all ties together.
      Food and behavior which have qualities similar to the qualities of the doshas and qualities opposite to those of the dhatus.
      Example: cheese is heavy, sticky and sour, fermented and has salt which is already toxic combo. This has the same qualities as the doshas P and K. It has the opposite or at least more extreme qualities than the dhatus, which are cool, soft and slightly heavy. Cheese in large amounts will cause morbidity of the srotas. Under-cooked beans are rough and cold. These are the same qualities as V, yet the opposite or at least more extreme qualities of the dhatus. Thus they will cause morbidity in the srotas. Food which has the same qualities as the dhatus and is easily digestible is soft, warm temperature, predominantly sweet rasa, virya and vipaka, slightly oily, liquid and light on digestion.

  1. Yes , I think I was reading too much into the go between dosha /dhatu relationship that does not seem to be what is suggested and I am familiar with this line of reasoning. What also tripped me up was the qualities of the dhatus. My current understanding is we can classify dhatus as generally being nourished by soft, warm, and sweet qualities though each dhatu has its own unique composition of elements. To generalize the qualities of dhatus in general for their final composition (i.e. asthi dahtu containing more earth than rasa dhatu) is perhaps a different matter altogether. Thanks for the responses, like all the new articles with some more details on the srotas as well as the recipies…

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