You and your probiotical gut health

Since it is a booming market to talk about the
probiotics and how great they are for health I thought I would
write a quick one on the gut health and what is really


it is slimy, thick, heavy, coating, clogging, and uncutous. It is
sour in taste and fermented. Although the Western world thinks it
is the next best thing besides sliced white bread, I am here to
tell you it is not. White bread isn’t good for you


You see first,
we need to look at what yogurt is. This, in the very first step
presents a big problem. Since the Western culture is so blown out
of doing anything that is actually healthy…. we buy our yogurt in
the store. It comes in a container, hard as a rock and if you were
to dump it out of the container it will normally maintain the same
shape as that container. What is yogurt supposed to be like? Well,
not that. In addition to this, you are accustom to eating this
yogurt. So what is yogurt supposed to taste like?


Fresh yogurt, is
sweet and tangy. Specially compared to the sour mess that is in the
container on the shelf at the store. Fresh yogurt is actually quite
slimy like mucus. In small amounts, taken at the right time of year
and the right time of day, it is really nourishing to the body.
Taken in any amount more than that it is clogging to the srotas or
channels of the body. Nope not all of those channels exist in
Western medicine. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist and they don’t get


Just for
an experiment, to prove how “right on” Ayurveda is…… I am
daring you to take a serving of yogurt before bed. This is
completely contraindicated as per ayurveda. You will wake up with
rhinitis and congestion. This just proves the qualities listed
above of yogurt and that it is also

So obviously the rules to eating
this stuff are important or you will do more harm than


Next, there
are many different types of yogurt. Fat free is pretty useless.
Basic rules of fat free products are that if you have to eat fat
free, you either have a mental problem that you can thank Western
nutrition for giving you, making you think that fat is bad for you
or you have an allergy which only means you have been eating to
much, to heavy quantity, noncompatible foods, or all of the above
for many years and your digestion is really poor. Somewhere down
this line you will be or already have been told to start eating
yogurt for its probiotics. I hope you are starting to see the
incredible poor advice this would be. Bad digestion, heavy yogurt
that will clog the system even more. Wow. You would be creating
more disease as you were trying to get rid of some. Nice! Thanks
Western nutrition and Western medical


should always be: “one should not take curd at night, without ghee
and sugar, without soup of green gram, honey or amalaka, and that
which is hot.” Su7#61* One fond of curd and using it recklessly
suffers from fever, internal hemorrhage, erysepelas, anemia,
giddiness and severe jaundice​ Su7#62* *Both references from
Charaka Samhita There is also a preparation you can make called
takra. It is also called Tak in hindi. There are many other names
for it across India depending upon the regional language. There is
also a really great post on this blog about it that you can refer
to for deeper instructions on how to. Basically, you take 1 part
yogurt, 4 parts water and churn it. Now putting it in a blender is
not really the way to churn it but it is much easier. The
results will be completely
different (as we see with every change we make out of laziness and
sloth due to modern technology… remember that the calculator made
it not necessary to remember mathematics) The blending in a blender
will make more heat, it will homogenize, it will add vata to the
preparation. It is also tastable in the end product and for those
that can feel, it is also drastically different in results. After
churning by hand for several minutes, there will be a froth on the
top, this froth is made of the butter that has been churned out and
this is actually what is collected to make real


To this
mixture you can add, fresh ginger, salt, cumin, black pepper, and
several other spices. This drink is had with meals or as a meal. It
is cleansing to the body and what do you know????? It has those
probiotics that the Western world is hot on right now until it is
not. What you have made in this drink is a drink that is astringent
(you’ll be able to taste it) and it is cleansing to your system
rather than clogging


How to make
yogurt? Easy, before you go to sleep, take a glass of milk. Bring
that glass of milk almost to a boil. Take a couple spoonfuls of
that store bought yogurt sitting in your fridge that take a month
to go bad…. and mix it into the milk. Place the milk in a warm
place. I tend to just prep my oven to 100 degrees and turn it off,
then place the cup of milk in it. By the morning i have fresh
yogurt. To make more, the next evening, I do the exact same thing.
I take a couple spoons of the new yogurt that i made and put it in
fresh warmed milk. Next morning, again, new yogurt. Soon after you
have done this several times, the culture will start to change. it
will no longer be the horrid store culture but will take on a new
life. You can even use the same glass without washing it. The
container will grow a thick yogurt culture on the sides and all you
will have to do is pour new warm milk into the container without
adding any culture. But this is where the fear based Western world
steps in. Afraid of bacteria. Afraid that this and that will
happen. Afraid, afraid, afraid. Let me tell you about how yogurt
and milk are not a problem for health in America like you have been
led to believe. It is a complete lie. 3rd world countries should be
more afraid yet they are not and use raw milk and yogurt in this
way constantly. 


you wanna have better gut health? Get more attentive on the size of
your meals as well as the quality of what it is you are eating.
Nutrient dense food is very heavy to eat and is really popular in
the West. We are looking at huge epidemic of loss of health and
increase of diseases just because of this one factor in the not so
far off


Wanna use
yogurt? Eat it in less quantity, not cold, add sugar, no fruit. or




2 thoughts on “You and your probiotical gut health

  1. I’ve made yogurt in large batches but I do want to try making small batches daily. I’ve always made lassi but will try making takra.

    When I make takra, do I need to make it from thick yogurt? The yogurt I make always comes out quite thin. I always use non-homogenized goats milk. The method I use to make yogurt is to bring milk to about 180degrees F, cool to 115F and then add yogurt. Can I just warm the milk and add the starter? Or should I bring milk to almost a boil??

    Do you have experience using a pro biotic pill as a starter?

    Just found your blog today and I will be asking you lots of questions so be warned 🙂

    • Hi, yes, you can just add the starter. Best to use cows milk instead of goats. I would not use a probiotic pill as a starter. Really, you do not knw what is in them as well as it is going against nature and really. ease. Stay natural.

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