Are you ready for the newest Ayurvedic detox diet?

Are you ready for the newest Ayurvedic detox diet?

Ready to cleanse your body from unwanted toxins and shed pounds as well as increase your energy so you can work harder and earn more money and look good?

Just taglines, sales, marketing, and consumerism.


How about education yourself, live simply instead so that you naturally live a healthy life that leaves you always being healthy and have the knowledge of what to be eating daily instead of having to detox yourself due to the toxic food and toxic life people eat most of the time?

Ever wonder why all of these Western yogis are constantly detoxing themselves? Is their practice not actually authentic and making their systems function properly? Its pretty scary out there when you have real knowledge of how the body functions and how and when and why proper shodana is done and then to see all that is being sold to the masses.

Dieting, detoxing, and much of everything that we have in the Western health world for cleansing the body is actually creating more disease in the long run. Although you might read articles in the mass media about Ayurvedic detoxing and such, this is really not Ayurveda at all. Ayurveda does NOT do those detox diets and if someone was to get a real education in Ayurveda they would see that these detoxes and diets are actually quite harmful.

Ayurveda gradually decreases unwanted habits. It gradually increases good habits. This makes lasting changes that do not harm the system or aggravate doshas. Ayurveda would never just change drastically what you are doing in your lifestyle, in your intake, or even in your mind just like that. Neither would Ayurveda have you do a 7 day detox, then allow you to go back to eating the same foods you were having before. There must be a gradual increase in quantity and qualities of the intake in order to build the digestive strength back. This is utmost necessary for any continuous health and no damage to be done to the functioning of your digestive system as well as organs and this is a science in how it is done. To not follow this can only create a deeply harmful effect of destroying the digestive capacity and organ health and function. This is something the Western world of detoxing and cleansing fails to have any knowledge about. And no wonder why more and more people that have done these detoxes have become seriously ill with life threatening diseases. Yet you won’t find this written about, will you?

Ayurveda sees the deep harm that is done by changing anything drastically as it increases Vata, disturbs the digestion, as well as shocks the system. Vata is what is at the root of all disease. By all of a sudden eating a much heavier meal and at a larger quantity the digestive fire is quenched and anything eaten until the digestive fire rebuilds is just more toxicity being build in the body. By doing these cool diets and detoxes in the mass market you are doing incredibly deep damage to your system long term for what seems to be a very health thing in the short term. We take what health is for granted in America and think that someone doing a short education course of 6 weekends or a online home course on different diets and detoxing can give us any thing that is really healthy. Why?

Some thing else that is taken for granted as the Western masses continue to read a book and then conduct their own scientific experiments on themselves with nutrition is that a substance has qualities and characteristics; it acts in a certain fashion. In the Western lingo an example would be that an orange has vitamin c and vitamin c is good for the immune system so putting oranges into our smoothie is going to be good for us. Not. Substances when added to another substance may change their characteristics. So that vitamin c might now be blended with something else in your smoothie that is actually making it quite toxic for you.

In addition, Western nutrition has no understanding of tastes and what tastes do within the body, what tastes can be combined and what you get when they are combined. What about certain foods combined? What about the order of foods eaten. Try to have a pinch of salt then drink milk. I dare you. Stick a banana into a glass of milk and just let it sit on the counter for a while. See what happens for yourself. It is not digestible and this experiment will show you why. The Western nutrition while telling you certain things are healthy and others are not is actually killing you. Yes, really.

Western medicine is constantly changing their tune as well. Not to far back, every bottle of antibiotics had a warning not to have dairy products when taking them. Today, Doctors are telling patience to take yogurt when taking antibiotics. What gives? Why was it such law before and now because “Western science” has proven something else, that law can be changed? Even though taking a probiotic and an antibiotic at the same time is obviously pretty stupid if you sit for one second and think about it.

Here is the healthiest thing to do to cleanse your body………… educate yourself, from authentic sources.

Start to change your rhythms. Start to get up earlier and earlier until you are getting up before the sun rises by about 1.5 hours everyday without fail. There is another post written I have written about your bodies natural cleansing, look it up.

Stop changing your diet and your life so much. That constant change is one of the worst things you can do to the health of body and mind. Start to live by nature instead of what we call culture.

Prakruti – Natural qualities of the food. Guru adi gunas – 20 gunas, 10 paradi gunas, 6 adhyatmika gunas, 5 visheshika gunas

This is an amazing and simple understanding of food. It is the inherent qualities or ttributes that your food has. Mung bean is light while urad is very heavy. A fish is wet meat where as iguana would be dry. A boar/pig is heavy while meat of deer is light. This is just the beginning of understanding your food. In general, light is useful and heavy is harmful.

Karana – The processing that is done to food, inducing and giving gunas (qualities) into the food by doing samskara, transforming. Soaking seeds will change the qualities. Cooking rice makes it lighter. Cleaning and washing changes the qualities. Churning yogurt makes it change from something that is clogging to something that is cleansing.

  • Bhavana – Mixture and titration of a juice over the powder of a herb and letting dry then repeating process will make it incredibly more potent.
  • Kalaprakrashamajanadimi – Keeping a substance stored in a certain vessel for changing the qualities. Ghee in silver will make the ghee more cooling. Honey in a mud pot that has been smeared with ghee to make it even more lighter after one year.
  • Vasana – Filtering thru something to impregnate and gain more qualities or to change the fragrance of a substance.

Samyoga – Combination of two or more substances together results in specific attributes that cannot be manifested by either individual substance. The preparation will act with all the combined qualities and not one quality will work singularly nor how it would alone. Some substances combine only in certain amounts like ghee and honey. If combined in same quantity the combination is toxic, if combined in the right amount it is medicine. Some things don’t combine at all and are just toxic when combined like fish and milk which creates skin disease and more or like combining fruit and dairy.

Rasi – Quantity

  • Sarva Graha – Taking everything mixed together (cannot be measured)
  • Pari Graha – Taking each item separately (can be measured)

Desha – Habitat

The environment of which the food is grown is important as well as the environment of the person eating the food. If they are both the same, it is healthy.

If the food has been taken from another land will have those qualities of that land which are not nessesarily conducive to the person eating the food.

  • Food that grows in desert is lighter than that which grows in a forest or jungle to those that grow in marshy lands. Not only that but the same foods that would be grown in each would be lighter or heavier due to just the environment. Obviously, food that is grown in water or around water will be heavier and wetter where as food grown in the desert will be drier as well. Some animals eat less and this also makes them lighter. Some animals move more and this also makes them light irrespective of the amount of food they eat. Foods grown in unhealthy lands is harmful.

Kala – The time of year something is grows changes the qualities it sustains. Harvested food items in late summer are sour, first half of winter are heavy, early summer are light.

  • Nityiga – Changeable
  • Avastiga – Nonvariable

The time of year is not changeable but variable is of 5 types and can be seen in various diseases. Intermittent fever vs having a fever continuously

Upayogastamstatu – Rules of how to eat food. This is all dependent upon the signs of proper digestion. Is the food eaten prior digested? If not, the meal will turn into toxicity in the system and the doshas are majorly aggravated. Are you feeling light? After digestion is done, the body will feel light. Do you have hunger? Etc… There are many of these rules.

Upayokta – Rules related to the eater of the food. The food the eater should eat is food that is natural to the eaters body.

Asukha adharka – Never eat something out of desire for it as well as never eat something out of confusion. What are the results you get after eating something?

Ahar Viddhi Vidhanam – The rules and regulations to be followed by a healthy as well as a diseased person to maintain or get health

By analyzing these rules the person will understand and should always follow them for health.

  • Eat freshly cooked
  • Eat warm
  • There should always be something unctuous in the food like ghee
  • Eat in proper quantity to ones personal digestive capacity
  •  Eat only when the previously taken meal is digested
  • Don’t eat foods of opposite potency together
  • Eat in a pleasant environment
  • Be prepared to eat
  • Don’t eat fast
  • Don’t eat slow
  • Don’t talk while eating
  • Don’t laugh while eating
  • Eat with dedication and respect to the food

Food that is freshly cooked has better taste as well as improves agni, the digestive fire. Food that is freshly cooked and served hot quickly digests as well as creates proper functioning of the organs where as cold foods that are uncooked create imbalance in the organs functioning/movement/processing of the food (vatanulomaka). Eating hot decreases kapha.

Food that has proper unctuousness improves taste of the food. In a light quantity it improves the digestion. It also creates healthy functioning/movement/processing of the food in the organs (vatanulomaka). It also nourishes the body and strengthens the senses. It also increases the strength of the body while improving the color and complexion.

Following the proper quantity of food for your digestion will maintain the doshas in balance and increases the lifespan and healthy status. The proper quantity gets digested properly and also moves through the digestion properly to be digested and excreted properly. The proper quantity does not destroy the digestive capacity where as to larger of a quantity destroys the digestion.

When the previously digested meal is undigested, the nutrient chyme is being formed. If you eat another meal on top of this meal, this immediately creates dosha aggravation as well as stops the proper digestion of either meal. The undigested food is called ama in Ayurveda until it is digested. By eating a meal on top of another meal it turns the meals that are improperly processed into poison in the body. Eating a meal on top of another undigested meal leads to the extreme aggravation of all the doshas immediately. –Charaka Samhita Chikitsasthana – Grahani


When eating only after the previously meal has been properly digested the doshas will not be aggravated, and be stay in a healthy status in their own places. Agni is increased and creates hunger. The srotas (channels) opening will remain open. There will be clean belching. The heart will feel light as well as the body. Vata remains moving in a downward fashion. There is no obstruction in the flatus urine and stool. The whole body’s tissues will be nourished properly and maintain a healthy condition and this will increase the life span.

If one eats food that is of same potency it staves off the diseases that are created by eating foods of opposite potency like skin diseases, vision problems, blindness, herpes, and other diseases explained in 26th chapter of sutrasthana.

Eating in an unpleasant environment to eat, the digestion is impacted through the disturbance of the mind. All emotions will impact the digestion of the food.

Eating too fast does not allow the food to travel in its path properly in proper amount of time to be digested, it becomes slow and depressed. The food eaten doesn’t stay in the digestive areas in the proper amount of time to be digested. It is forced thru the digestion too quickly. The taste of the food as well as the enjoyment of the food cannot be had. The mind becomes obstructed and sluggish. The desired results of the food is not had when eating is rushed. If one is eating to fast they also cannot notice if there is a foreign body in the food.

Eating to slow there will be not satiation. The food in the plate loses heat and becomes cold making it more difficult to eat and less desirable and tasteless.

When eating while talking, laughing, and without having concentration and love to the food, one will suffer the same effects of eating to fast.


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