The need for proper diagnostical examination of health and why just doing stuff because it is popular is extremely dangerous pt.1

Today, the word detox is a very popular word and detoxing diets as well as all kinds of crazy ideas of what detoxing is has been put out into general circulation. The problem with this is that there are no guidelines or knowledge in the western culture of health to have any diagnostic procedures to see what the state of someone is to cleanse or detox. In general, I have seen a major increase in the disease state of the people who undergo juicing, raw food diet, detox diet, detox procedures, etc.. for many detailed reasons but in general for these very reasons…..

People in disease state are of two categories:

1. Those suffering from serious disease

2. Those suffering from mild disease

Someone suffering from serious disease might appear to be suffering from a mild disease due to their mental strength, the bodily strength and the general strength. Someone who has a low mental strength might suffer from a mild disease and make it look like a serious disease simply by how they act. We have all seen someone who thinks they are going to die from a hang nail. How does someone diagnose all of these together as if someone were a big person with low strength of the body they can look like they have a strong body and if the strong treatment were to be given to them, it would destroy them. The same but opposite occurs when someone of high bodily strength and low mental strength may make a mountain out of a mole hill and if improper or incomplete diagnostics were done they might be given a lesser treatment or purification which would start the treatment procedure and stir up the disease or toxicity but then not cleanse the proper amount which would be like waking a dangerous animal or provoking a wounded tiger. The disease will just spread and destroy the person as well. This is what I have experienced the most of all of the detox stuff I listed above. We think, “How could this hurt us?” If you understood the detail of what needs to be diagnosed and the detail of proper line of treatment as well as the damage that is done by them, you would not ever think of doing any detoxing that is cool and popular in the US market today.

One cannot perceive a thing in its entirety by the knowledge only of part of it. And the detoxing world is far from understanding what cleansing is. Yes, really.

Think about this the next time you think you wanna do one of those detoxes.



Lets take this a bit further.

Just put detox in google search and this,, was the first link to pop up so I am using it as an example for why this stuff is insane and causes disease whether the results, which are not actual results but emotional experiences, of feeling lighter, less lethargic, more energy….. etc…..

Big note on this… about this top link on a random search on google on detox, the article was not written by anyone that is educated in nutrition, health, or anything. She is a writer for national magazines. She collects information and just rewrites it. Yet, she is writing an article about detoxing……….. hmmmmmmm. Think about it. This is where most of your information is coming from out there in the masses.



The major flaws on the western view of detoxing can all be explained very easily.

The #1 diet on their list is a simple fruit and veggie diet for 3 days. #2 Smoothie cleanse for a week, #3 Juice cleanse for 3 to 5 days, #4 Sugar detox, #5 Hypoallergenic detox

First thing to understand is that health is so much more complex than any of these ridiculous so called detoxes. Try comparing brain surgery to what they are talking about or explaining physics to a goldfish. 

The complexity of doing proper cleansing to the body for the individuality of the person, what their indications are, how those specific treatments would be performed and the correct outcome is extremely detailed. As we see though, an article on the internet doesn’t have any details but just coaxes you on to do these things. Below i will try to explain why this is more than likely going to be extremely harmful rather than anything positive in the long run. Western nutrition, medicine, science, etc doesn’t have the eyes to see long term into any of this. We are in for some real harsh disease in the future due to the ignorance of the masses today. In yesteryear, pre 1980, there was not a focus on health coinciding with alternative methods to the Western health model in the mass market in America. Back in 1980, a gym was where men went to work out. Remember?

When you change your diet, your body will change regardless of what changes you have made…. very logical, you are what you eat and digest. Also very logical is that if you take the causative factors out of the intake or lifestyle, the body will start to change from whatever those causative factors were doing. Very basic. When a causative factor has been used or performed for a long period of time, the damage has been done deeply. The damage, although you might not have any symptoms of it at all, is deep so just doing a detox can actually set off a chain reaction do to complications and it just gets way complicated and these detoxes can kill you. Specially Master Cleanse. Reread the above…. over cleansing or under cleansing will destroy the body. Think deeply about this.

When you change from eating what they are claiming as the american diet of dairy, meat, and processed food to drinking juice and vegetable or just eating them, you shock the system incredible. Any change at all actually provokes Vata (one of the doshas in Ayurveda). In the case of these detoxes, Vata is being aggravated excessively. This itself hampers digestion but to add to it now the body is being switched to a completely different diet that is actually not healthy for the digestion as it does not have all six tastes to create the proper functioning of overall digestion and assimilation, it is just liquid which also stops the proper functioning of digestion. Then before the body can come to any form of balance, the person is right back onto the same diet they were on before. Okay, this is just insanity. Why would you detox to then go back to eating the same poison? That is like going to the gym to work out because of the lousy food you eat makes you fat. By the way, it has been proven in Western science that health is in what you eat and not the calories you burn.

In the article, it seems like they kinda have some sort of understanding of something when they state, “Animal products have protein and fat. Although both are essential nutrients, they create more work for your digestive tract so it makes sense to avoid them while trying to cleanse.” But they have no concept that if you are giving your digestive system a break, the digestive capacity and strength goes down and to just start back up eating your normal chocolate fudge sundae because you have missed it so much or go out and celebrate your three day cleanse with having a hamburger and fries (which i have seen people do more times than not) what you have now done it throw a wet log on a smoldering fire. What this does is puts out your digestion and it doesn’t come back in any short amount of time. The most common experience after doing these cleanses are that people don’t feel as hungry. They naively take this as a good sign but what you don’t realize is that is the lack of any flame to your fire to digest. It means that what you eat is now not being digested, it is turning to toxic mess and either creating toxic sewer like tissue ready for the growth of tumors or whatever bacteria and viruses or it is building up in the alimentary canal. This is what “Clark” as quoted in the article is calling fecal plaque inside of the intestines. This is actually a really good way to create disease, not a detox. What you want to feel after doing any sort of cleansing is hunger and proper appetite first as well as lightness but the mind should be very stable and grounded if the cleanse is proper.

The reason why someone feels really light after these detoxes is that vata has been aggravated so much. It will coincide with memory loss, airheadedness, faster talking, inability to have concrete thoughts or just being all over the place. Physiological problems could be constipation, or a host of other symptoms. Worst part is that they don’t need to show right away and might show months later. See, there is this thing called seasons. They relate to us and how are body functions as much as air does. As the seasons change so do we. Naturally. So when the seasons change, later after we have done a detox, summer might roll around and now because we have actually created a disease from doing that really cool detox, we start to have symptoms of the damage we did. Say constip[ation for the first time in your life, dry skin where it was never a problem before, maybe your hair starts to thin and fall out. All of this because you did that stupid detox almost half a year ago and from a Western perspective, there is absolutely not correlation at all.



If the body were to be detoxed then their would be a lack of flatulence or belching, the breath would be fresh, the tongue would be clean and pinkish not red or coated and another interesting sign is that the stool will not be sticky or will their be a need for toilet paper, there would be complete digestion of the food matter and stools may be much less. Also, the mind would be clear.

Ever notice how bouncy and all over the place the people who are doing these cleanses are? It isn’t their high energy. Check out their skin. Kinda dry huh? After doing these cleanses for years the hair and nails are thin and brittle as well.

Well proof is actually in the pudding, months later, not right away. For some reason as a culture we are so short sighted and now result oriented. We cannot see that nothing develops over night when you all of a sudden are diagnosed with cancer, Western science has proven now that the cancer takes over ten years to raise its ugly head.

The second diet they mention is a smoothie diet for a week. This is just more insanity. Even from the Western nutritions knowledge of food combining fruits are eaten alone, yet in this smoothies you are blending them with all sorts of food like tofu, yogurt, etc. This is all extremely toxic and does not actually digest. earlier they were speaking of letting the digestion relax but now they are taxing it to the extreme by combining foods that are heavier than those protein earlier. (“they create more work for your digestive tract so it makes sense to avoid them while trying to cleanse.”)

Lets talk about alive and dead food. Why in the world would you want to put a dead dense protein powder into fruit being blended? Prana lasts in food for approximately 4 hours after being cooked or in this case blended. Dead food, no life. No life passed on to you.

The last two diets they speak of are the sugar and the hypoallergenic diet. These two i really like. They say that being heavy and lethargic is due to the sugar intake, yet Western nutrition and science will tell you that sugar gives you energy and then they will also state that your blood sugar rises then crashes. Well, lets take a look at it from a little deeper level. If the digestion is compromised then food is not being digested. You feel heavy. Like after Thanksgiving dinner. Or if your meal is too large for your digestive capacity the same happens. So cutting sugar out of the diet is going to do what if the size of your meals is what the problem is or the compromised digestion. Snacking before a meal is fully digested also makes the entire digestive fire go south. It isn’t about the sugar. Try switching to stevia because it is popular and see how the energy is not changed. Just try it.



The hypoallergenic diet is the last. When you are allergic to something this is a big red flag. When your system has been compromised for such a long time it can no longer deal with what you are putting into it. This is a really scary thing due to the fact the kids of today are allergic to all sorts of things and schools have made it illegal to send food certain “allergic” foods to their campus with your child for lunch, even though they are not allergic. This is insanity. Now your child although healthy cannot bring certain foods to school because another child is unhealthy? Really?

The western world has no answer for the allergy problem because they cannot understand it. Just the reduction diet is what they have. Take it out of the system. That would be correct but from the place of having these allergies, the system is so encumbered already. Without proper treatment it cannot heal itself. This condition is normally a condition of having ama (toxicity) deeply rooted in the system from a long time of eating improperly or highly improper food combining (western diet of a little bit of this isn’t going to hurt me and just no knowledge in general of food and digestion in our culture). This is only proven more by the fact that all the foods that are allergenic are mostly earth dominant foods which are already hard to digest and heavy. Over time the body cannot metabolize them and has a reaction. This is also the same idea with a baby that is allergic to the mothers milk. The digestive system is already compromised on that poor baby due to the health of the mother during pregnancy and the food choices she made. After understanding that pickles and mayo is no longer a craving to follow, because “it is the baby’s craving.”

The other allergenic foods that are not earth dominant foods are normally related to water. This is seen through pitta and kapha. Both share water. The allergenic food triggers say pitta which activates the allergic response. A simple virrechana done under an Ayurvedic Dr.’s (I mean real Ayurveda Dr., and not what is being taught in America) guidance is all it most likely will take to clear the allergy up but instead the western world continues the insane reduction diet and the cascade downward in health continues. Sad. Extremely sad.

I have seen more extremely heart breaking examples of friends and others that were completely healthy until they went to their Dr. for an allergy test because it was cool and their friends went. They then go on a reduction diet. Then symptoms start. They get more tired, energy all over up and down. mood swings. Anxiety. And then they get tested again. Turns into a new disease like Chronic Fatigue. They continue but now really start messing with diet and taking supplements. The body pains and what not start.  Then they get tested again and now they have fibromyalgia or something else. Lyme disease! This cascade continues while their bank account continues to get drained and their health plummets. What a catastrophe!!! Heart breaking. I have witnessed this with many people over several years. many others remain somewhere in the downward cascade struggling. Major suffering and confusion any way you look at it. Even the CDC scratches their heads, has a big neon question mark floating above their heads while scratching their head and rubbing their chins on lyme, fibromyalgia, and those other big named scary diseases. Show me one person who has been cured of those by western medicine.

One month at an Ayurvedic hospital in India would clear it all up. This is the real crime here. We destroy Ayurveda in America with no standardization and sales of certificates, (look at all the programs for Ayurevda, none of them meet WHO standards of education in Ayurveda) and let people write articles on Ayurveda that don’t have education or authority to do so.

Another way to look at this whole thing…….

A month vacation in silence and solitude in an Indian Ayurvedic hopsital, flight cost $1500 to $2500, Treatment costs are specific to the individuals but should cost maybe $600 for the month, stay should cost around $5 a day depending upon where it is located. Total month cost maybe be around $3000.


A irresponsible and uneducated cleanse costing $100 to $300 in cost of supplies. With the decline in health later because the cleanse was most likely damaging to the system…… thousands of dollars expense and loss of heath and literally vitality (life) because of following something that is popular and cool. Why not just go out and buy new shoes that are popular or a new cool road bike?


If you want references to legitimate hospitals in India for Ayurveda Panchakarma, just email me. There is alot of fraud in that area as well.


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