Duality and your perspective of negativity

Is something that is the other that is not in your belief system, negative? Might there be more to the world than your own perspective? Are you not a slave to the paradigm you were born into?

When we hear something that defies our own belief system many times i hear it being classified as “negative”. What defines something as negative? Is karma negative then? Many things that we define as negative is only from our vantage point and knowledge base since our knowledge it what defines our perspective.

When we state something is negative are we not being negative ourselves? Ignorance huh? When we have thoughts and react to something that does not fit our paradigm, are we not being negative?

Where is viveka, discrimination?

At nauseam, I hear people in the spiritual world of everything being love talking about negative people. Think about it for a second.

Example: Someone from a different culture does not fit your culture. you judge them for what they do or how they act as negative. Is this not the start of hatred?  or how about Muslims? Every American that I have met has an opinion, whether subconscious or conscious about Muslims now after 911. Ignorance is what guides it. Are they negative because of their beliefs? See the juxtapose. When the American culture has degraded all that is sacred of another culture and then they struck back with violence (or so it has been said), Americans call them terrorists. Hmmmmm? What about the terrorism that the American public is not privy to that has been going on in their country due to America? Who terrorised whom? Who is the oppressor, who is the oppressed? This also excludes the knowledge that most Muslims are very peaceful and good willed beautiful people, yet to the American public they are all terrorists. Yes, this is an exaggeration but par for the course of example.

Does not judgement in any form cause duality?

Are you not bound to the mind of a human being having judgement?

What is the difference between judgement and discernment?

Judgement creates discernment. The yogic texts all speak of discernment being at the highest. That and knowledge.

All very interesting.

If one is working to be non judgemental, as it has been taught to an extreme in spiritual work in the western world, are you not stopping all growth of discernment and your perception remains limited as well then as your experience?



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