In the state of being

When you experience the immediacy, just being, you are all this and everything is just the same.

It is not easy and cannot be faked nor is it a mindset or a practice.

Identifying what is in consciousness. It is only possible through the capacity of consciousness.

The wonderful diversity of everything is within this immediacy.

What is manifest is independant from what is being made manifest. Existence is happening.

There is no manifesting from this space, the diversity but it is manifestation.


Infinite is not conceivable.


2 thoughts on “In the state of being

  1. I love this. And I just gotta point out, that for one who is in the state of being, you certainly have been manifesting a high word count : -) Just keep being you. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment. Had almost 1400 reads yesterday and not one comment. Says much. So a response is appreciated.

      There are not words to describe, no matter how i try, this is why the high word count.

      Also it is only in the details that the beauty lies.

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