Kālī revealed


I netted

The utmost confusion!


Reveal the vital point,
As it is!
Tell the ultimate secret
Ineffable, flawless.
Reveal what is in the heart of the Yogini,
Which is independent of lunar days and heyday,
Which requires no places or times (individuals), etc..,
Reveal what is freed from conventional signs (different) locations (sacred)
With (their) constellations and planets,
Reveal what does not depend on sacred gestures or formulas, or colors such as red, etc..,
Reveal that does not depend on a daily ritual,
Neither an offering to the fire, nor (of the offering) scented water flowers, or offering oil,
Reveal what does not depend on summoning ritual (a deity)
Or when greeting how to behave,
Reveal that does not depend on (techniques) Flight as fillings,
Dumps or retentions (breath)!
Reveal what is naturally free
And free from defects,
Which does not depend obligations or prohibitions,
What is really great!
Tell the ultimate secret
Present in the heart (of all beings).
Having taken this speech
He devoted himself to the worship of the Goddess.
Established in his nature, he remained silent.
Later, in another favorable time
This supreme (Goddess), without body,
Word aspiring to hear (the words of God) ,
Accomplishes the great sacrifice .
As for other beings, body,
When they heard this speech (of God) without a body
They joined hands
And bowed down to (the Goddess)
But the centerpiece of the God of gods,
Present in the matrix, the kingdom of our true nature,
(Resonance) without notes, present in our own form,
Beyond forms, transparent,
Devoted himself to the great unity,
Surrounded by sixty-four (yoginis).
(Thus) the Goddess of all gods
Accomplished methodically
Worship, education and the Supreme transmission 
Yoginis .
But following the (transmission)
Those present are retracted one shot
(And returned) to the status of cattle (ignoring) .
Only the Grand Bhairava remained, but (as) petrified
As for the other regents gods (of the world)
They remained (also) for fun and devotion.
Then (they) obtained the highest principle,
The Supreme Siva.
Of themselves, the sixty-four yoginis,
Obtained (this) principle
Based on the Wheel of Space
And boastful words of the full Truth
Hovering in space, everyone
Spread in space.

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