Three Paths

1. path inference.
All phenomena is analyzed using the arguments that they are neither identical nor multiple and saying that there are more alternatives, it says they are all empty [to be own].

2. the path of consecration.
Creating a divine body, we spent through channels (Nadi), drops (bindu), breaths (prāṇa) and mantra recitation etc..

3. path immediate.
An authentic guide told us some things”connaturality to be clean mind is the radiant light of the factual genre. As this is a true statement of definitive meaning, once we have verified the connatural part (Sahaja) of consciousness, we take the easy path to consciousness without distinction between the views, culture and observance.
Two types of personalities can follow these three ways: 1. gradualist and 2. the simultanists.

2. the simultanists.
They are those who have already trained to have few associations, passionate etc. and numerous spiritual associations. This is very rare.

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