Comprehension brings happiness

When we do not understand something, how can we value and respect it? How can we value and respect the beauties and bounties so abundantly given to us by NATURE, from sunrise to sunset and during the night, and also from season to season, year after year, how can we expect to be happy on this Earth?  Material things? Money? Excess? Making our lowly selves thing that we are god and all powerful by “Manifesting” which is just another form of materialism but now with spiritual wrapping paper and an enlightenment or mindfulness bow on top? Let us respect and appreciate elements of NATURE, the very manifestations of God in a hundred thousand forms, as did the ancient Sages who sang the songs of Rig-Veda, filled with ecstasy and adoration, bursting with energy and enthusiasm for life, and aspiring to fill the whole surface of the earth and space around us, with vigor and  joyfulnesshealth and prosperity, long life and desire to live and be born again and again on this Sacred Mother EarthTo regain the lost glory and vigor, prosperity and happiness, to fulfill our destined role of spreading real joy and spirituality in the whole human race.


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