Eight guidelines to be followed while eating food to maintain health and relieve disease

Unlike a Western concept of diet which only looks at the nutrient density of a substance and thinks that the more nutrient dense it is the healthier it is for someone, there are many other real factors that make something healthy or not. Most of it actually comes down to simple common sense.


Ayurveda, it is a science that works with nature. In fact, it is the understanding of nature, not trying to control nature. It has stood the test of 10,000 years and not changed because it’s perennial knowledge. Compare this to 150 years of Western medicine and 50 years of western nutrition which still changes every few years. Ayurveda is not a diet plan. It is the oldest know and recorded medicinal system that has much deeper diagnosis and treatment than our medical system today. Hard to believe.



Eat freshly cooked foods and eat them at a warm temperature –

Heat improves the taste of the food and it also improves the digestive fire. Warm food digests easily as well as warm food channelizes vata into its normal path. Eating warm food also decreases kapha.

Yes, cooked food, not raw. In just several years from now you will be seeing the research come out that shows raw food is not healthy for you after all. This is also backed up by the fact that David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousins have both changed their tune of “all raw” to “60% raw” over the past decade…. Raw food destroys the digestion. It is not rocket science to see that as food is cooked it is easier to digest. It is also not rocket science to see that if most people are having gluten intolerance that their digestive systems are extremely compromised already. Add to this that cellulose is incredibly difficult to digest (that would be found in veggies) so not cooking food will only destroy your health over time. The more nutrient dense food is, the harder it is to digest. The less nutrient dense, the easier. We have been fooled to think that we just need nutrient dense foods, yet we have incredible amounts of disease and allergies found in no other culture of the world. Funny huh?


Food should have some kind of oil with it, it improves the taste of the food and in the proper quantity oil kindles the digestive fire. It also channelizes vata into its normal downward direction. Oil nourishes the body. It gives strength and stability to the senses.  It also improves the color and complexion of the body.


Eating in proper quantity based upon digestive strength and power, it will not allow the increase of the three doshas and will increase the lifespan as well as maintains the healthy status of the body. The proper amount of food will be digested in proper time as well as moves into the rest of the digestive system for excretion in proper time. A proper amount will get digested with out difficulties and will not destroy the digestive fire as eating to much will.



When a previously eaten meal is not yet digested the undigested food is unprocessed. If another meal is eaten, both meals will turn to poison in the body. It vitiates all the doshas.

If the previous meal is digested, the doshas are situated in their own places, the digestive fire is increased, proper hunger is felt. The opening of the channels are open giving the sense of the heart being clean, with no heaviness in the body. There will be clear belching with no taste or smell of the meal within them. Vata is in a downward movement. There is no obstruction is urine flatus or stool. The best sign of digestion is that the tissues of the body are well formed.




Considering the western nutrition has no lue what this is, it makes it very difficult to explain to general public. Foods have energy. They have potencies. A coconut has a cold potency. A chili pepper has hot potency. Combining the two will create a huge toxic mess inside of the system and creates diseases. If one eats the food stuffs which are of the same potencies, the diseases that are created by eating opposite potencies will be avoided. These diseases are all kinds of skin diseases, eye problems, and herpes. These are just a few. There are many other diseases created by eating foods that are of opposite potencies.




Have all items needed to eat procured before sitting to eat so that one is not disturbed during the meal needing to get up to get new items. It is also important to eat in a pleasant place as well as be in a pleasant mood while one eats. The feelings (bhavas) of a disturbed mind will affect the digestion. Negative thoughts will have its impact on the entire process of the food being turned into nourishment or not.



One must not eat to fast. If the food stuffs are taken to fast, the food can enter the wrong channel. Not only this but the food gets depressed as the food is forced into the stomach too quickly and it does not get the time needed to be digested properly. Tasting your food is directly related to how it digests. the taste is missed if one eats to fast. Also, foreign bodies in the food may be missed in the food as the attention is very little on actual eating. The food is also not enjoyed when eaten to fast.



Eating to slow is also a problem. There is no satiation when eaten to slow. The food cools down and is not hot when eaten which creates improper digestion.



Do not talk or laugh while eating. it will disturb the doshas as one eats. It is best to focus on your food when you eat. Being mindful of the meal, the food, that will hopefully become you in just a bit of time.


Eating mindfully is also eating with the intellect, not the tongue. is the food good for you or is it not?









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