Shad ripu rap

There are six enemies (shadripus) that each one of us faces… Or doesn’t

Moha: Delusion – getting caught in maya, trying for recognition
A key obstacle for the jiva is Viparyaya or illusion: false knowledge formed of a thing as other that what it is e.g. ignorance.

There are Klesas or afflictions that are recognized:
Nescience or lack of knowledge or Avidya – known as the breeding ground for all other Klesas
Egoism or Asmita – or the ignorance that Purusa (absolute consciousness) and Buddhi (intellect) are the same thing.

Attachment or Raga – desire born of impressions or remembrance of pleasure; desire and the senses are involuntarily drawn towards their objects.

Aversion or Dvesa – Aversion or feeling of opposition; desire to retaliate or resist. Manya or malice ; Jighansa or vindictiveness.

Fear of death – Abhinivesa or fear of annihilation

But this false knowledge, what is it blocking?
According to Mararishi Patanjali (author of the Yoga Sutras) – it the inhibitor of the state of Rtambhara (lit. full of unalloyed truth).

That level of unadulterated consciousness that only holds the truth with no misconception.

More can be said, yet the goal is purification of the organs of perception to hold Savichara (reflective) and Nirvichara (super-reflective) Samapatti (engrossment) – knowledge is gained in fullness down to the tanmantra.


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