Gut health and Icing injuries

The modern world looks thru a broken lens. What used to be good is now bad. (Ex. Soy) What was bad is now good. (Ex. coconut oil) We call it new knowledge but in truth it is just the same hamster wheel broken template that we look at everything from.

Icing injuries has been the right thing to do. R.I.C.E. (look it up) but for centuries in a different cultures medicine, it has been known that icing is only going to make the injury worse. Funny thing today is that the newest research is showing that icing is not the thing to do but applying heat is. From an Ayurvedic lens Vata is pain. Vata is cold and is aggravated immensely by ice. Moist heat or better, warm oil then heat would be the best thing. Huh, who would have thought?

The constant changing of said methods and said knowledge or research gets tiresome doesn’t it? Just creates confusion and is always feeding arrogance that somehow we think we know more now than any other time in history and that we are more advanced but yet we cannot do anything but destroy.

All of the new research is dealing with the symptom only …. ever, and nothing will ever actually change if the cause is not dealt with. Everyone has opinions, but none of them hold true. In the case of digestive issues… Yes, the newest is that the bacteria of the vagina builds the digestive health when the child is born and that c section children have gut problems. If it was correct then all c section babies would have gut problems…… Uh……… But they don’t. And back in history, thru time, there would be gut problems cases dealt with and that research and notes would be out there. But they aren’t. This is where the head scratch is inserted. 😉

It is kind of like the entire gluten fallacy. Funny that India doesn’t have glutton intolerance or allergies and they eat gluten with almost every meal. Do you think it might be something else that is the problem? Lactose intolerance doesn’t exist there as well. Funny that their food is the same it has been pretty much forever except from what the British brought in and then now with the influence of the western world. Funny how you can track the growth of western disease here in India with those dates and growth as well.

Just the bigger picture. Answer is right in front of our faces there.

Gut health is not gonna come from putting anything else into the gut, probiotics, magnesium, or fermented foods or any of that stuff. That all will just create new imbalances. It’s about relearning what to eat and how to eat and why. None of this is understood in America at all. Our food and lifestyle is killing us. And if you can’t see anything further than a symptom then what are you gonna treat? A symptom. And what happens to the actual root cause? It just finds a new path in a deeper and more difficult way to cure.

By the way, western medical research from the late eighties said that 89% of all disease comes from the bowels. They weren’t even listening to what they said huh?

There is no treatment for ignorance except to look to light. Can search around in the darkness and expect to find any answers except more darkness.

Okay off my box. Hope that was enlightening at least a little.


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