Paradigm, perception, judgement, free will, growth, love and loss, and history – part one

“We are extremely skilled at constructing the web that binds us to samsaric life, yet powerless to dismantle it, even if we wanted to, — which we don’t.  For example, we go to school to earn a qualification to get a job, not just to pay the bills but to strengthen our belief in the stability of our existence.  We make friends, not because we are gregarious by nature, but so we have someone to protect and comfort us when we feel insecure and lonely.  We get engaged to make our relationship feel more solid than mere dating, then marry in the hope that it will make us feel more secure.  The icing on the cake is having children, because children will finally make our family feel permanent.  In broader terms, we promote democracy as a method for achieving freedom.  Yet in reality, it is just another chain that shackles us to the disastrous decisions those we vote into power make in our names, decisions that not only undermine our country but wreak economic and environmental havoc on the rest of the world.  These are the ways we bind ourselves to samsara.”


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