Smell the roses

I picture something familiar to the scene out of Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” where charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy, he is strapped down in the lounge chair with his eyes pulled open forced to sit and watch the films on the screen in front of him. Wish the world could see THIS.

We have been raised in a culture that is based on lack, fear and survival, self gratification and monetary gain. We know no stillness. All of the lack that we are just makes us consume and market for sales. We need to make money to pay rent or a mortgage and put food on the table right? .. and if you have all the money you could spend, you still work your butt off to try to make more money?????? To busy to sit still. Gotta be busy. Has anyone reading this post lived a life of living and being? We don’t know what it even means. Sure we read about it in the new age buddhist and other self help books that have been watered down for the fast paced western mind but nobody is doing it. Nobody really gets it.  Gotta do, gotta create, gotta market, gotta manifest, gotta be positive, gotta gotta, gotta, gotta ……… STOP!

Our technology has been such a help with this as well. Now we have a phone that does pretty much anything because there is an app for it but you don’t even remember your partners phone number. You name it and it is out there. And we think this is GREAT! Now then we have more time to be busy. Then add on that we don’t really relate. Did we ever? Our kids are growing up in front of computers, in front of the TV, with headphones on, in front of anything that is entertaining them or else we rush them from here to there, from one appointment to another. Basketball practice to piano to the shrink. Can you see why we are so messed up? We have coffee bars up the wazzoo just to be around people and try to create social contact. We are dying for it. In a world that you can literally never leave your house because everything can be purchased and delivered to you via our wonderful technology. We are dying for relating, dying to know our Self… but how do you do that. It is not known to our culture. But I am sure someone will teach a weekend course on it.

I mean really sit back and take a look. We work for a living. Off to work in the AM rushing out the door, then back home in the evening to have some dinner catch up on our TV shows? The weekends we have off to sleep in. Then watch football or whatever and do chores around the house or go do the shopping that doesn’t get done during the week. Is this living? What is living? Really ponder that a second.

Then we save enough cash to go on a vacation where we get blitzed to enjoy some time away from our life? Getting drunk to have time off? What, do you have to get drunk to be living? How does that make sense? Kind of like celebrating holidays and such by poisoning ourselves with alchohol and unhealthy food and over eating? What?!?!?!!?

In all of this mad rush we then spend money on the newest coolest over inflated superfoods foods (that have actually been around forever and duh, everything is a superfood), diet fads, gym memberships, newest books or workshops on being mindful (get it mind full), so called yoga classes that are nothing more than an aerobics class, the newest life coaching or whatever Oprah has on her latest show and all these other things to try to be healthy which is nothing more than trying to get us back to nature and back to ourself and stillness?

Here we go, the answer is so clear and near as if it were a snake it would bite you.

Don’t work for a living. Create boundaries in your life and start dictating your life instead of letting a job do it for you. Do more stuff you don’t do like be in nature on walks or just sit by a tree.

Get rid of your TV. Your kids certainly are not getting any benefits out of it nor the x box. They can relate less than you. Maybe you could even spend time with them and be part of their lives, remember what it was like when you were a kid?

Turn your phone off except when it is really needed to be used. Also, take away your kids phone. They never needed it. You didn’t need it when you were that young.

Restrict your computer time. Only 1 hr beyond the workday time.

Spend a day a week doing nothing. You will be amazed at what this does. Betcha can’t.

Spend another day a week in silence. Yes, shut up. Shut up alot.

Then spend the next day listening.

Then spend the next day listening to someone else besides the voice in your head. There are other people in the world. If we saw that we might not be such a narcissistic culture.

The further you get away from that little traumatized spinning voice the more you are going to be able to see the rest of the world and also experience yourself. Sober and real and authentic. And you might just like yourself.

Don’t go excessive exercise stuff either. Just another way to try to get away from yourself. Go for a walk in nature instead. Better yet, just sit under a tree. See what happens if you do that for an hour.

Then when you are able to, sit. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to and stay focused on your tailbone and let your eyeballs move downward as if you were looking at your nose if your eyes were open. This will still the mind. Maybe it will take a while.

You don’t have to be productive. It doesn’t help. You don’t need to be creative, action oriented, energetic, manifesting, mindful, generating, intentional, or any of that B.S. that just keeps you mental and busy spinning.

Just be. Notice yourself being.

It is only here that we can find peace. Then your eyes will open. You will see everyone else, running around, crazy like. Never actually being. People will start to notice and say stuff. You will feel much better and you will be healthier. Guarenteed.

See, the other side to this is that sooner or later… you are gonna die. We come from the earth and return to the earth. It is not about making money or being the most popular or the sexiest, or the blah, blah, blah.

All that really matters is being. Then you can relate. Your life will change and you will live.

Can’t stop to smell the roses if you don’t even know what roses are.


4 thoughts on “Smell the roses

  1. What you describe is freedom. Oddly, so many people want freedom, but the simplicity of obtaining it seems overly complex to them. It is very hard for people in a consumer society to understand that letting go of things is the way to have everything.

    In my height of desperation to fulfill myself I turned to equestrian pursuits. But after a few years I realized that I was not happy and that my four horses didn’t seem to like the arrangement much either. I no longer ride them or use them for anything. What difference in our relationships when I do not see them as objects for my ego, but as beings equal to me. Now, they have sanctuary with me and by giving them that I have given sanctuary to myself.

    When I put hay out for them I take my time walking the path and occasionally find myself standing still watching the birds and listening the the leaves of some cottonwood trees shimmering and rustling in the breeze sounding like a musical instrument. I remember the day when I first noticed that sound. It made me realize how many times before I had not noticed it.

    Such things can only be in presence.

    Little by little I work to disentangle myself from societal conformity, while still meeting the obligations to which I agreed. Even they become easier to handle now that I see them for what they really are.

    Thank you for the reminders of what we don’t need. It’s easy to get caught up in the opposite when we are bombarded by messages telling us we need so much to be happy and healthy. Being in debt isn’t only about owing money.


  2. Hi Donna. Thank you for your comment. Keep em coming. Love the last line. Yes, debt is a much more vast energy than just the physical monetary basis.
    Sounds like you have a very nice connection in life going on. Glad you see that.

  3. this is excellent, if only more people thought like this.. do you find certain areas (geographically) are better off than others? i would love to move abroad, but not sure I am ready to jump ship quite in nyc .. in my opinion this is the black hole, looking to move to an area that is more conducive to just being.. oregon coast was lovely, seattle and vancouver also took a piece of my heart as well, still not perfect but in my mind way better than toxic NYC and as hard as i try to not let it penetrate and by it i mean all the grossness you speak of, bits and pieces still seep in..

    • Amanda, Thank you for commenting. Unfortunately just yesterday there was almost 400 people reading my blog and weeks go by without any comments, even months. It speaks to the fast food/spiritual world we live in and speaks to your comment and my reply as well. Our entire culture is just like your comment about NYC. It is insidious. Can it change? No, not really. It is the energy that the entire country runs on. The best we can do if we are to live here is to move to a place that it is the least. Good luck with that. Truthfully, it all depends upon the inner nature of the person. This would be a buddhist way of looking at things. i personally disagree completely. Just as an example, the fukushima radiation that is hitting the west coast the hardest, does it not effect the person that is the stillest inside just as much? We all breathe the same air. If someone wants to live a life of awareness, reality gets worse and worse as one wakes up. It is not bliss. This world is pretty messed up. As we awaken it is not about bliss. that is a romanticized idea of it in the West and there are many books written on that touting it as well. No true. It is dynamic. As the ego dissolves, you better hope that you have ethics and morals because the ego is what keeps a check on all of that. Get the idea?

      Unfortunately it is either an all or none type of deal. Cannot be an island these days. Unless of course you do most to a countryside cabin out in the middle of nowhere off the grid.

      The other little tid bit i might add is that i have only found through experience that i would rather be with a convicted murderer than the spiritual scene in America. The convicted murderer is not trying to be something that he/she is not. They are authentic. In that they are trustable, you know what is being shown is just plain real. Not my experience at all of the yoga/spiritual world in America. Where does one go?

      There is a meditation on one of the posts, try it. let me know how it goes. This is the other place.

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