Disease and the Real World


Now we are finally starting to understand the second sutra of the yoga sutras. Chitta vrittis are not of your Self. What are they? Other energy. Foreign energy. When others thoughts are of you they are on the air. Half the stuff you think isn’t even yours but one who is stuck in the mind can’t even comprehend this much less believe it. The world is not as we think. Think about it a moment, the paradigm at one time was that the world was flat. The sheeple believed it. The science pushed its own beliefs. Wrong beliefs. Today we have quantum physics that is making the old science fall apart.

It would be far from being believable by western science and the western paradigm that disease is can be transmitted by emf. It goes even farther than that though. Disease can be transmitted familially, generationally handed down. We might wanna call it genetics but from a energetic sense we see that it is also just an energy. It can be changed. The trauma can be resolved with work but it takes committment and time. Most can’t see the world from this view.


And if you are having a hard time swallowing that, this might be an easier way to chew on the same thing:




If you start to open your eyes in this way you might see the world for the beautiful interactive and dynamic world that it is. The modern science continues to work on the world of matter trying to prove things that are just obvious if we step out of the realm of material and into our being. In this world all of the ancient teachings of the vedas come alive. All the world of details exist that is not taught in the new York Times best seller books on Buddhism. The cosmos comes alive here, you become piece and parcel of it. It becomes you and all those cliches like “As above so below” start to really take form.


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