Reconnecting to our bodies

A mind is just as diseased as the body it is connected to. This says alot.

This statement comes from a question as to how one reconnects to the body.

Ancient yoga and ayurveda texts use the same analogy that “one who has jaundice looks through yellow eyes.” This means that someone with jaundice sees and experiences the world through the eyes of the perspective of jaundice. This statement relates the idea that our disease is really the perspective of the world we experience. It also shows that our experience is limited by our disease(s). Our mind and our body are inseparable. They are inseparable parts of the same system. The human being or maybe human trying is better nomenclature.

Experience is limited to the amount of knowledge one has. Yes, this is that the growth of knowledge leads one to further and further experience in greater vastness of experience.

For a moment take a beautiful Monet or Kandinsky or whomever your favorite painter might be. Now take away all colors and give him one to paint that same painting. Just one, not even different shades of that color. What you will find is that the painting has no more depth, have no more detail, it is no longer that beautiful painting. It is the details, the colors that make everything beautiful. It is the depth of the details that make knowledge. It is that knowledge that allows for growth and experience.

So why do we look for a quick fix pill or a chore list to make us better. (this is the Western way of the on going saga of health, nutrition and so called spiritual path) Why do we think that a 200 hr workshop is gonna give us anything of any depth to give us experience. It is the deep study in something that goes the course of that depth that gives us rich deep experience of life. Once we think we know something all growth stops. Once we think we are a teacher after one of those 200 hr certifications, it definitely stops as our ego has just been boosted and we now are identified with that ego. (and we are now a yoga teacher)

Another statement would be that you only know what you know and have the limited experience in that box of what you know. This is your paradigm. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it. It is all in the causality of knowledge applied. And the knowledge is only as good as the source it is coming from. The source it comes from will create the experience one will have.

So how do we reconnect with our bodies?

Embodiment, It has become a cliche. What does it mean?

It is now just a term used to create more income like the green movement, a way to charge more. Look around, do you see the rest of the world recycling? Have you ever been to India? Trash everywhere. It is not changing as there are ore important things.

Embodiment is had by someone that is always, always conscious of their breath. Don’t know anyone that is. To be embodied one must feel. This opens up a pandoras box of ones own trauma that needs to be wrestled with before any real embodiment will happen. Embodiment doesn’t happen by going to a dance or doing “yoga” that makes you high and depletes ones prana (how does one know what depletion of prana is) and leaves you ungrounded. Grounding will lead one to embodiment.

When one is embodied, their presence is felt and their words are powerful. They live in the energy that comes from being embodied and connected to the earth.

Reconnecting with our bodies is a choice. A choice to be here on this planet, to be in the material world. This says volumes as to the spiritual world of its all good. Reconnecting is a path. It means to see the damage you have done to your being thru not being in it, the stuff we have put into it while not listening to the red flags and signs that ones body. Unfortunately and normally the path is normally forced upon someone when the body finally says “no more” and one gets cancer, or the multitude of other diseases and problems that come from not being connected to our bodies.

How does one make healthy choices to become reconnected with our bodies if we don’t reside there already and live in the western world?

As someone develops spiritually, the need to be around others ceases. Real spiritual development coincides with reconnecting to the body. You are a soul in a body. Both are equally important. As one develops, one sees the world for what it is, the veil lifts. One sees that there is no contentment in it, one is becoming content in oneself not out there. As one develops they become more and more silent. One sees how the world out there creates he disease. One will start to feel what their choices create in their bodies, in their being. There is an urgency to be responsible to the choices one makes. One can feel the food one ingests the lifestyle choices they lead and they will start to make changes in accordance to what enlivens their self and not what to what is popular. They no longer care how they look to others on the outside, fashion disappears into the world of the externalized self aggrandizement.

You want to reconnect with your body? Be still. Ground. Stay there.

As this progresses, the less you will be following the latest diet fads, the fashion, the news, and all of the other stuff of the world. But coincidentally, ones heart opens more. (sorry, another really big cliche’). One will drop out of their mind, out of the concepts, and really start to feel. They will also have real compassion and caring. They will really connect with people and spend time with those which they can really connect on a much deeper level with….. being heard, being seen, being witnessed, being mirrored. This is the level of real healing. Deep healing. It ain’t out there. Its inside.

When the body is diseased, so is the mind. This means the functioning of the mind; the ability to make proper choices based upon proper knowledge and proper memory….. is lost. This creates further disease and takes one further away from oneself, from deep experience, from healing. Easiest way to know if you are embodied is…. do you make proper choices to take care of yourself or do you not feed your life force and deplete it? Are you here now, able to read and not distracted by doing several things at the same time? Is your mind silent, used as a tool for you or is it going constantly thinking about this and that? That is a hungry mind with no embodiment.

The way out is with something that is deep enough and time tested. Natural. Nature. This is where the ancient knowledge comes in. It doesn’t matter what path you pick, there are many. Know that they all do not lead to the same place, this is just another Western pseudo spiritual concept. Not every path is created equally, they are not all going the same direction, nor are they all at the same level. One won’t make any progress on any of them though from books, one need a teacher. It does take that mirror for the deeper and true levels. Someone that has actually walked that path not someone that has a certification. Someone with the knowledge, not a watered down version and aren’t actually living it either. The knowledge is only as good as the source it comes from.

As one stays on a real path that has the truth (yes, i know that is a trigger for some who don’t have experience of the truth and are only in their mind) and time behind it, one becomes healthier, more vital. More and more health means more and more deep experience, deeper relations to. Relations to the planet as well as others. Better relatedness. The busyness of life falls away. there is no more rushing as even the gentle touch of the breeze talks to you and time is just a concept in others minds. The intellect has an almost magical way of exponentially growing as well. The health of the functioning of the mind returns as the clogs of the externalized drive into the material life disappears. One becomes more responsible, more able to respond, healthfully…………….and so much more.

and just to quote a realized being….

The secret of happiness is hidden under the cover of spiritual knowledge.

The esoteric will always remain esoteric.


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