Sugar and Gluten: The western devil of foods

Sugar and gluten have been given a bad name unfairly. It has become very popular to have gluten intolerance and sugar has been touted as being not good for you for years. Just as all the popular diet fads of the past, this too will change with time. Remember when that Atkins guy was all the rage with his high fat and protein diet. Did you know he died of a heart attack which then he fell and broke his hip? Heart muscle = fat and meat, you eat excessive amounts of it and you mess up its health and balance = heart attack. Pretty easy to see. Could have told you that was going to happen. 



Now on to sugar, the way we process it, yes, it is not the best as most is chemically processed. It is not the devil though. Organic sugar that is not highly processed is part of what makes our immune system function. It builds the body, too much of it and of course you are going to put on weight. 

Raw sugar has a yellow to brown colour. If a white product is desired, sulfur dioxide may be bubbled through the cane juice before evaporation; this chemical bleaches many color-forming impurities into colourless ones. Sugar bleached white by this sulfitation process is called “mill white,” “plantation white,” and “crystal sugar.” This form of sugar is the form most commonly consumed in sugarcane-producing countries.

In sugar refining, raw sugar is further purified. It is first mixed with heavy syrup and then centrifuged clean. This process is called ‘affination’; its purpose is to wash away the outer coating of the raw sugar crystals, which is less pure than the crystal interior. The remaining sugar is then dissolved to make a syrup, about 70 percent by weight solids.

The sugar solution is clarified by the addition of phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide, which combine to precipitate calcium phosphate.The calcium phosphate particles entrap some impurities and absorb others, and then float to the top of the tank, where they can be skimmed off. An alternative to this “phosphatation” technique is ‘carbonatation,’ which is similar, but uses carbon dioxide and calcium hydroxide to produce a calcium carbonate precipitate.

After any remaining solids are filtered out, the clarified syrup is decolorized by filtration through a bed of activated carbon; bone char was traditionally used in this role, but its use is no longer common. Some remaining colour-forming impurities adsorb to the carbon bed. The purified syrup is then concentrated to supersaturation and repeatedly crystallized under vacuum, to produce white refined sugar. As in a sugar mill, the sugar crystals are separated from the molasses by centrifuging. Additional sugar is recovered by blending the remaining syrup with the washings from affination and again crystallizing to produce brown sugar. When no more sugar can be economically recovered, the final molasses still contains 20–30 percent sucrose and 15–25 percent glucose and fructose.

To produce granulated sugar, in which the individual sugar grains do not clump together, sugar must be dried. Drying is accomplished first by drying the sugar in a hot rotary dryer, and then by conditioning the sugar by blowing cool air through it for several days.

It is the chemical processing that is the bad part of the sugar. Sugar processed naturally as it has been forever in time is not unhealthy. Used in moderate amounts is healthy for the body and brain. 


Gluten, the same. These are part of the Western illusion of nutrition that is all. What we fail to see is our own individuality. Western nutrition doesn’t see the digestion and how it works for an individual. We only see the nutrient dense foods as being good for everyone. Working with gluten intolerance and making a digestive system function properly again is pretty easy. in the western lens, gluten has become the devil and it should be taken out of the diet completely. Funny enough, other countries that survive off of regular gluten foods don’t have the problems we do in the states. Why? Because our diets are horrendous. We don’t under stand digestion and combinations of foods. We put foods together that will not digest and then when we start having allergies due to the effects building of those combinations, we blame it on gluten and other foods. NO! it is our lack of listening to our body and eating healthy. Due to the Western focus on heavy nutrient dense “superfoods” we will just see more and more of these heavier foods become added to the list of allergenic foods to be removed from the diet. problem is that these foods are also what are building to the immune system. It is a downward spiral of what is popular thought, not intelligent thought. Nutrient dense means much harder to digest. If it is not digesting it is toxic. Literally creating tissues ripe for cancers and other stuff to be created. 

Wake up people, it is about your digestive capacity, it isn’t the foods fault. It is yours. Your choices of eating that ice cream after a heavy meal as a dessert….. (yet you won’t eat gluten????) a cold heavy dairy and sugar dessert after a meal will stop the digestion of that meal and create toxicity in the system. that is the coating that is on your tongue, the bad odor of your breath, the sinking bowel movements and the stinkiness of them as well. Not to mention the bloat and the gas. All of those are symptoms of you not digesting you meal.




Example A: Brown rice vs White rice

Western Thought:

Brown rice is good because it has more nutrients.
Brown rice has 685 calories per 185 g. 5 g of fat, 13 mg of sodium, 143 g of carbs of which 6g are fiber and 2g are sugar and it has 15 g of protein.

Good, your right. Think a little deeper though.
The nutrient dense means you are going to have a much harder time of digesting it and if it is not digesting it, you are not getting those nutrients anyway.

White rice has no nutrient value
Wrong. White rice has 169 calories per 174 grams. It has 4 grams of protein and 37 g of carbs of which 2 grams are fiber. This will vary due to the different types of white rice. It is much easier to digest and you will get the nutrients it contains because you are digesting it.

Which is heavier? Heavier means it is heavier to digest as well.


You wanna get healthy? Quit taxing your body with western ideas of health.


Notice that most every country in the world has survive off of rice (mainly white rice) and beans as its main food for all history? Grains too. Yet we have the most disease in the US and the most disease of all recorded time and you think we have something right in our look at health and food? What is seriously wrong with this picture?

Now add on our healthy dish of brown rice the normal healthy raw avocado because it is another really healthy food.
Cold, raw, heavy, and hard to digest. Not to mention you are putting a cooked food on a raw food which further harms the digestion.

Continue the list, you will see that all that we see as healthy is just nutrient dense foods that are really hard to digest.

Popular is not healthier.

Notice also that the data given today in Western nutrition changes tomorrow.
Egg. Healthy or not? Cholesterol? Was bad, now good.
Salt. Was bad, now good.
Coconut, just 10 years back it was thought to be extremely bad due to its oil but now is the new money making marketed food. Not to mention the coconut water that is processed and put into a container that has been dead for a long time. Sales.

This list goes on as well. and on and on and on. and it will continue in the future as well. 


Don’t believe the hype. Think for yourself and live in your body. 


12 thoughts on “Sugar and Gluten: The western devil of foods

  1. “Don’t believe the hype. Think for yourself and live in your body. ”
    I don’t disagree with what you write, but am curious why you would think not eating raw with cooked is intuitive? It wasn’t until I started reading about Ayurveda that I knew how cold drinks impacted the digestive system. America loves the ice. Who knew! Also, I know many Ayurveda Practitioners who say don’t eat dairy and wheat. While others say use more Triphala. Way too much conflicting ideas in how to eat! So yes listen to your body is ideal…oh but first we need to reconnect with our bodies.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. By combining most raw foods with cooked foods you create confusion in the body and it doesn’t digest. There is a good amount of foods that can be eaten raw with cooked foods, yes. But in the Western scheme of nutrition we do not have any understanding of this what so ever. Well, except for some out of the box, Western based food combining rules. It is good in general but still misses the bullseye.
      On the Ayurveda front. All practitioners, well 99% of them have had less than 350 hrs of training spread out over 2 or 3 years. They do not know Ayurveda. It is really not taught here in America with any validity. The books are the same. Vata, pitta and kapha diets are not ayurveda at all and are harmful. This is what ayurveda has become in the West. In India the entry level of Ayurveda is a BAMS. This is 7 hrs a day of full time school for 5.5 years plus .5 years of clinic. This is just the entry level and not look upon as anything in india until you have specialized with an MD which is 2 more years where the real education comes in or another 3 on top of that for a Ph.D. As I said, don’t believe the hype. It is extremely sad what we have done to this incredible and sacred science. We have simplified it to sell it here in America and due to that it will be another flash in the pan. There is no standardization of the education here in America of Ayurveda. This is why you are seeing all the conflicting information. Triphala is because of Dr. Lad in New Mexico. he has stated that triphala is good for everyone and of course his students just buy anything he says. What they don’t know is that Dr. lad is not looked up to in India.
      The three herbs in triphala are actually more potent when used correctly singularly for what they are needed for. This is more discrace that we have allowed because of our lack of understanding and just buying into it being spiritual or something. There are several real ayurvedic doctors (MD or Ph.D) here in america, not many though. those are the ones to seek out for proper education and guidance, not the practitioners. Be careful.
      California College of Ayurveda was started by a chiropractor, that took a correspondence course on ayurveda. That is his certification. He uses Dr. and fools everyone into thinking he is an Ayurvedic doctor. Furthermore, his education is extremely limited in Ayurveda. His syllabus is from the course he took and his teachers are all grads from the school. I recently started a friendship with one of his grads that is disgruntled because after his very expensive education, out of the kindness of his heart, he decided to start a website to put this education out there to the public for free. As he was trying to do so, he realized by studying deeper, that he didn’t know anything about ayurveda and had been ripped off. This is what we have all thru america.

      Where to find real ayurveda? Your not gonna find it in all the popular blogs, that is for sure. If you wanna learn ayurveda, you need to pick up one of the original texts like Charaka Samhita. It is not written linearly like we do in America. It unfolds the education unto you in an experience so it is not easy for Westerners to do. This is Ayurveda though. Not a list of what to eat and what not to eat.
      Vata is connected intimately to your prana, your life force. By eating an anti vata diet you will decrease this. Pitta with the digestion, in fact it is the container of the digestion. By eating a anti pitta diet you will destroy your digestion. Kapha is linked to your immune system. Anti kapha diet will destroy your immunity. So you see, it isn’t as easy as just reading a book. It is a vast knowledge that needs a commitment and long study to understand. Not something that is done in America.
      The understanding of why is never engaged into in these books so you see it is written to sell as a diet plan to the masses, just sales, just for money. There is not conflicting ideas of how to eat in Ayurveda. Not at the level where the fundamentals are understood. It is the details, and there are a plethora of them, that make it such a beautiful science. It is what actually makes it science.

      The wheat and dairy thing is just those practitioners that have no understanding of ayurveda and are blending the whole Western nutritional stuff into it. Ayuvreda doesn’t work with Western nutrition. Infact, it really makes it self destruct. I can give you 5000 calories of a food per day and you will lose weight. yes, really. This does not make any sense in Western nutrition at all.

      As with yoga as well, you are not gonna find it in America. Sorry. Yoga isn’t exercise and it is not based off of western exercise theory or even western biomechanics. The paradigm does not exist here and the education does not ask you or even give you the ability to step into it.

      Long winded reply. Hope it helps clarify.

  2. Hmm I’m not a specialist but wasn’t common wheat modified in the XX century so that it gave higher yields, but making it harder to digest? Would make the fear of gluten not totally uncalled for.

    Isn’t it like with rice types, that one is better than the other one?
    We have a new fad for ancient type of wheat that is called “spelt” in EU.

    • Yes, Wheat has been modified. So let me understand what you are saying, because wheat has been modified much like many other foods, we cannot digest it anymore? And what about the other foods? Yes, the modification makes it harder to digest. All of it is a secondary issue. First issue is the lack of digestive capacity due to eating improper combinations of foods and lack of having any awareness to what digestion is or awareness to ones own eating. Taking away something that is hard to digest is not any solution. And what about the wheat that is not modified? So we create a whole false belief that all wheat is bad and everyone is to stop eating it? and then a whole false sales industry of products that are gluten free are created for the insanity? And what about cultures eating solely gluten in their meals like seitan? The fear is of the external. Consistent with the normal western looking external for answers and there isn’t any there. Just more disease. Take away all the hard to digest foods because the “children” cannot control their desires and use their intellect? Billion dollar industry has been created upon it.
      Rice too has been modified.

      Spelt is great. What is ancient?

    • Thanks for long winded reply. What i meant was wheat more, not gluten, my mistake. The wheat doesn’t seem to be like in the old times. Gluten fashion made a lot of evil, but at least it reintroduced spelt. I have a friend who can digest it, but it wasn’t available until recently. It’s ancient as it wasn’t modified like wheat becouse of low interest. Or so they say.

      I don’t see looking into external in such bad colors. But maybe it’s different in eastern Europe, people don’t care that much for gluten nor anybody heard about Paleo. People started to eat locally here, much less belive in miracle products like two last decades(rapeseed, noni juice, goji and all that), using natural soaps instead of oil derativates etc. It’s not so grim.
      Maybe in a few centuries well get to real ayurveda 🙂

    • Lol. Sure.
      The hard to digest part of wheat, whether modified, hybrid or natural, is called gluten.
      Lucky you live where the sales and spread of health capitalism has not reached. In California, it is more like the home of it all.

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