Foods that are okay to be eaten raw with cooked foods in Ayurveda

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Jewel, this below is straight from the text Charaka Samhita. There are others from various other ancient texts of ayurveda as well but Charaka is know as the foremost and also the most detailed. I have translated the english equivalent here and believe that it is correct. Forgive me if I have made any mistakes. Thing to notice is that there are not many listed. Carrots are also okay to eat raw with a meal as per my teacher. There would be others too from those other texts. See that most of this list is of plants that are leafy and are eaten as salads. They are mostly pungent so that they digest. Get the idea?

Also notice that just applying an action of cooking them a different way changes what they do to the doshas. This is also why Ayurveda does not have lists of foods to follow as written in the modern books for Westerners. That is not Ayurveda. Understanding how to use substances due to their qualities, applying action to them and changing them, combining them with others….. etc……. this is Ayurveda. All is medicine, all is poison. It is just to whom your are applying them that makes the difference. 

By cooking the food it makes it that much easier to digest and only if you are digesting your food do you get the nutrients in your system. Uncooked (by your digestion) food is just toxic. Just that easy. This is why Ayurveda does not have raw food but yet you find it from Tree of Life (Dr. Gabriel Cousens (and doesn’t he look healthy)) and various others that do not have any ayurvedic knowledge or they would not be eating raw in the first place. Proof is in the pudding. It might be popular but it doesn’t make it correct. Ayurveda is complete and has stood the test of time with its wisdom, Western nutrition is what keeps on changing its mind on things. 


Harita (vegetables used as uncooked or salads)



Fresh ginger



relishing, appetizer, aphrodisiac.

It’s juice is prescribed in V, K, and constipation.


Jambira (Citrus limon)




is relishing, appetizer, irritant, aromatic, mouth- cleanser, alleviates K and V, is anthelmintic and digestive.


Daikon (radish)




when young, alleviates the 3 doshas;

but when old aggravates all 3 doshas.

If fried in fat it alleviates V.

If in dried condition it alleviates K and V.


Surasa (Holy Basil)




destroys hiccup, cough, poison, dyspnea and chest pain, aggravates P, alleviates K and V, and removes foul smell.


Yavani (Carom, Bishop’s weed), arjaka ( basil), sigru (Moringa), saleya (radish) and mrstaka (unknown)




these are cordial, pleasing and aggravate P.


Gandira (coleus forskohlii), Jalapippali (wild sage), tumburu (toothache plant) and srngaverika (supposedly it is cilantro)




are irritant, hot, pungent, rough, alleviate K and V.


Bhustrna (pignut)




destroys sexual potency, is pungent, rough, hot and mouth-cleansing.


Kharahva (celery seed)




alleviates K and V and relieves of the diseases and discomfort of urinary bladder.


Dhanyaka (coriander), ajagandha (ashwagandha) and sumukha (?)




are relishing, aromatic, not very pungent and irritate the doshas.


Crnjanaka (?)




is constipating, irritant, beneficial for V, K and piles and is prescribed in fomentation and diet for those having not aggravated P.


Palandu (Onion)




aggravates K, alleviates V and it does not alleviate P, is useful in diet, strength-promoting, heavy, aphrodisiac and relishing.


Lasuna (Garlic)




alleviates worms, leprosy, leucoderma, V and gulma. Is unctuous, hot, aphrodisiac, pungent, and heavy.


Note: all these articles in this  group are in dry form







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