Out of your mind

Meditation, it is the goal if you would call it that, of yoga. Not asana. Asana doesn’t do anything spiritual. What i mean is you are still dealing on the lowest level of the physical body superficially and it doesn’t get you out of your mind. it can make you blissed out, but that is not spiritual as well and will lead to a self centered piousness that we see today in the world of yoga and spiritual seekers. The proof is in the pudding. Look at the results out there.

The only way progress on a spiritual path is made is to be embodied. Everything else remains in the mind and remains concepts. This is why we in the west have the concept of practice. Practice is something that is never embodiment. It is only when your practice is in every minute of every day that you are embodied. the only way to be embodied is to ground. This is the only way to get out of the mind.

It is the personality that stops one from being on any spiritual path. When grounded and embodied the personality gets out of the way and true self emerges.



Heres how.

First, sit.

Second, bring all of your awareness to your hara or your tailbone.

Third, leave it there. Maybe connect energetically to the center of the earth.

Fourth, continue this for at least 20 minutes.

Now notice what has happened. Notice that when you get out of your mind and into your body, your mind stills. It is within this stillness that everything is. And i mean is.

Now that you have that experience, take it into your daily life. This may take years to perfect until you are actually embodied. Let that go. Just keep it constant. Your life will change. Your perspective will change. You will become quieter and stiller. You will notice that it becomes painful to be around those that are not embodied and in their mind. You will talk less. You will mean more. and your words will start to have meaning instead of useless jabber of the mind.

Try it. Please.

I wish you this.


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