Enlightenment in the modern times

What is enlightenment?

Without significant models of enlightenment in America we are left with concepts of what it is and due to the consumeristic nature of the Western world all there is as anything close is marketed sales of people who have been on spiritual paths and have knowledge. So what is enlightenment.

As one becomes enlightened, they do not go out in public and try to sell spirituality. They are incapable and not interested in the mundane life of consumerism. The details of the mind become non-interesting and things that take all the details of that life are pushed aside.

You see, the mind is empty, quiet, not going constantly with thoughts of any ambition and not even a thought about marketing. Worry and fear are not available to them. Their is a lack of capacity to live in the western world of the spinning mind. One would rather spend time alone with nature rather than be out preaching to crowds of people that are ungrounded and full of concepts. It is actually quite disturbing to do so. There is no ambition after awakening, it too is dropped away in the progression.

The mind empties of that little voice that is running amuck in the normal human mind.

It is not a static state that we have taken it on as with our yearning and ambition, it is dynamic and has many levels of progression to it.

Capacities to do such things like driving become extremely depleting and are avoided.

One can sit for hours doing nothing but being. It is not a state of emotionless blissed out highness as it has been romanticized by many new age books. The emotions are still there. Triggers are still there. There is just a witnessing of those triggers. It is responsive not reactive. Responsible = the ability to respond.

There are no models of this in the Western world. The western paradigm doesn’t support it. It cannot. The society would not even know what to do with someone in this position. Instead what we have is people with little spiritual maturity that are good at marketing and creating to sell them selves. It is actually the biggest need in the west to create a container that holds this paradigm for any spiritual growth to happen here.

Anyone reaching this state of development is left on their own (hopefully not) unable to function in the society that we have.

Morals and ethics are not automatically developed when one is enlightened. This is a very naive concept of the West to think that someone that is enlightened is a good person and has the best of the world in every action. The proof of this is the many experiences in the world that we have of just this. All these enlightened masters being caught in sex scandals or going off the deep end in egoic dominion. We as you may start to see are extremely naive when it comes to this stuff. If you are on your way to enlightenment, you better hope you have developed morals along the way. All sense of right and wrong pretty much disappear as the being is awakening.

Just think about it.

What would it be like to live your life as an embodied soul, not a mind.


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